College Stationery

Letterhead, envelopes and business cards are the first contact many people have with Le Moyne College. Presenting the College’s graphic identity clearly and consistently is a must.

In the spring of 2016, the letterhead, envelopes and business cards were redesigned to incorporate the new graphics standards for the College while ensuring design consistency among all College areas. All new orders for stationery items will be filled using these designs and guidelines. Because of tight budgets, we do not recommend throwing away or recycling existing supplies of stationery. Please use what you have until your quantities are depleted and reorder at the appropriate time.

Stationery orders

Official stationery is printed in a standard format in the College green and gold, with the personalized copy in black. Letterhead, envelopes and business cards are available.

Orders for stationery items should be placed with Purchasing (x4511) to maintain consistency in design and color. Stationery should not be printed through outside vendors.
Letterhead Options

In no case should additional logos, symbols or art be added to the University's standard stationery design. The College logo for each of the schools – The Madden School of Business, The Purcell School of Profession Studies and the College of Arts & Sciences – may be ordered for the letterhead and envelopes. Special-use stationery for cooperative programs and/or special projects may be created through the Office of Communications.

Letterhead and envelopes are available with the Le Moyne College logo, or with the logo of one of the three schools.


For use in Word documents or emails, here is a header that you can download and use. This one is a general College header. If you would like one made that is department specific, please fill out a publications request here.

Download College letterhead header

Business cards have been created in two designs. You can choose which one you would prefer when ordering. Below are the choices.
Business Card Options
To order business cards, letterhead or envelopes, click here.

Exceptions to these standards must be approved by the Office of Communications at (315) 445-4545.