Publication Process

The Office of Marketing and Communications supports the development and production of high quality printing, electronic and digital materials for the Le Moyne College community in the most efficient and cost-effective manner available. The office provides consultation and graphic design services, and functions as a liaison to printing and mailing vendors.

Requesting Design Assistance

Any printed piece that will be viewed off campus should go through the Office of Communications. It is recommended that you complete an online Publication Request Form to initiate the design process and ensure accuracy. While e-mails and in-person requests can be easy, this form helps gather important details concerning your project, which are necessary to assess your needs and begin the process of creating a strong communications piece. It also helps us record information for future reference.  

The Publication Request Form is located on the Office of Communications web page, as well as on the Le Moyne College Portal (click Faculty/Staff Resources, then Office of Communications). 

In-house design services provided by our art director and graphic design interns are free of charge, however, based on the timing of your request and the quantity of jobs on our production schedule, we may seek the assistance of preferred freelancers. 

Once your publication request has been submitted, the MarComm team will review the contents. Once approved, Danielle Murray, marketing and communications project manager, will contact you to discuss next steps and the tasks going forward. The traditional design stages include entering your request into Teamwork copy submission and two proofs.

At any one time, the Office of Communications has between 50 and 100 active projects in the que. Therefore, we require a minimum of four weeks notice on all projects. More detailed and complex projects can take between four and 12 weeks. While unexpected publication needs can arise, it is best to create a several-month snapshot of your projects to strategically determine when our design assistance will be needed. It is best to submit your most up-to-date copy at the time of submission to ensure the timing of your project goes smoothly. Additional proofs could cause your deadline to be delayed.

VP Approval

It is imperative to obtain vice presidential approval before submitting a Publication Request form. Please indicate if he/she should be included in the proofing process.

The Office of Communications uses a web-based project management system to streamline contact with its clients throughout the design process. We are happy to provide tutorials upon request. It is imperative for you to establish a (free) account and become familiar with this system so we can meet your publications needs in a timely fashion.

Design meetings can be crucial to the success of your project – especially if the content is brand new. At your convenience, we look forward to meeting with you to complete a Creative Brief. This form will provide you with a clear focus, direction and connection to strategic priorities for all projects coordinated through our office. It is used to help formulate a project’s concept, strategy, and means of direction and execution. The purpose is to determine the goals of a project and how to best formulate the methods of execution in a manner that will be understood clearly by the desired target audience.

Creative Briefs are intended to: define strategy, assist in planning, aid in design and structure your communications plan.

Project initiation, timeline and budget discussion, one proof, final sign off, Customer Satisfaction Survey


Project initiation, timeline and budget discussion, review/edit, final sign off, Customer Satisfaction Survey


Project initiation, creative brief, client meeting, approval of creative brief and project plan, timeline and budget discussion, concept review, concept modifications, concept approval, reviews and proofs for all components, two proofs, final sign off on each piece, Customer Satisfaction Survey, review metrics for success

Project initiation, creative brief, client meeting, primary research, secondary research, marketing plan – approval including budget and timeline, concept review, concept modifications, concept approval, reviews and proofs for all components, two proofs, final sign off on each piece, Customer Satisfaction Survey, review metrics for success, post-brainstorming session to gain feedback from field

Should your project require mailing assistance, we will make arrangements with a local mail house to prepare your project for the United States Postal Service. Please plan to upload your mailing lists to Teamwork at least 2 weeks ahead of your estimated mail date. This will allow us to seek a postage invoice from the mail house, obtain your approval and send it to our Accounts Payable department to generate a check. Accounts Payable requires a 1-week lead time to produce a check. Checks are generated on Mondays and Wednesdays. (Even if you can give an estimated address count for invoice purposes, you can always update your list closer to the mailing date. The mail house will credit you if you’ve overpaid or bill you for any overage charges.)

The mail house requests postage payment at the time they begin to provide mailing services so they can give the check to the Post Office when your mailing is ready to go. 

Here is a sample timeline… 

2/1 – mailing list is uploaded/ sent to mail house for review

2/2 – mail house sends invoice for your approval

2/3 – approved invoice is sent to Accounts Payable

2/10 – Danielle picks up the check and alerts the mail house

2/15 – target date for your mailing

We will soon create an electronic Customer Satisfaction Survey to be sent to all clients upon completion of a project. The feedback will help us measure successes and assess any areas that may need improvement.

COPY: the written text to be placed in an ad, brochure, poster, ect., as distinct from visual material or graphic.

CMYK: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – the four ink colors used in four-color process printing

DUE DATE: date production needs to be completed on a project.

DPI: dots per inch. A measure of dot density used in printing or video creation.

FONT: a complete set of characters (including all the letters fo the alphabet, punctuation, and symbols), which share the same typeface, style, and size: size (eg. 12 point), weight (eg. bold, regular, light) and style (eg. Italic, oblique, condensed) of a typeface

FOUR COLOR PROCESS PRINTING: a system of printing where a color image is separated into four different color values (see CMYK), called separations, by the use of filters and screens.

INDITIA: Markings on a mail piece (as opposed to an adhesive stamp) showing that the sender has paid postage.

LOGO: short for logotype, it is a graphic mark or emblem commonly used to aid and promote instant public recognition. A logo can be strictly graphic or can include the name of the organization.

MAIL HOUSE: a company that prepares direct mail for submitting to the United States Postal Service.

ONE COLOR PRINTING: the use of one PMS ink to print. Black ink is standard, but other colors are available. See Le Moyne colors page [link] or inquire with graphic designer in the Office of Communications.

PAGE: one side of a bound sheet of paper

PMS INK COLOR: Pantone Matching System is a standardized color matching system, and is the most widely used by commercial printing companies. Numbers are assigned to ink colors. The primary ink colors for Le Moyne College are 349 green and 872 gold. More on Le Moyne Colors.

PROOF: a paper or digital view of what your project will look like.

SHEET: one piece of paper of a certain size. Standard sheet sizes include 8.5 x 11, 8.5 x 14 and 11 x 17.

SIDE: either of the two broad surfaces of a piece of paper. One sheet of paper has two sides.

TWO COLOR PRINTING: the use of two PMS ink colors to print, eg. Black + PMS 349, PMS 349 + PMS 872.

Pete Killian
Associate Vice President for Marketing
Joe Della Posta
Director of Communications & Public Affairs
Penny Santy
Art Director
Molly McCarthy

Danielle Murray
Marketing and Communications Project Manager

Erin Davies
Multi-Media Digital Specialist