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    Policies, Procedures and Resources for the Le Moyne Community

    Policies for Student Organizations


    Student organizations are required to have an advisor who is a regular, full-time member of the faculty, administration, or staff of Le Moyne College. Advisors are required to maintain close contact with student organizations. This contact will ensure that each club receives proper advisement with regard to event planning, budgeting, and meeting management.

    An advisor must accept responsibility for keeping informed about activities of the organization and for advising officers of the organization on the appropriateness and general merits of club activities or programs. The advisor of an organization should guide the group in its activities and its relationship to the college. Therefore, the advisor should be knowledgeable of college policy and procedures. The advisor should also help to develop the leadership potential within the group.

    The advisor does not set the policy of the group, but should take an active part in its formulation through interaction with the members and officers of the group. Since members and officers in any organization are ordinarily active only as long as they are students, the advisor can serve as a continuity factor for the group.


    The authorization to have alcohol at any student event is at the sole discretion of the Campus Life and Leadership Office. Under no circumstances can student organizations sponsor events on campus or off campus that include an “open bar” or unlimited consumption of alcohol. Any student group wishing to serve alcohol at their event must contact SODEXO at least 4 weeks prior to their event in order for SODEXO to process the necessary paperwork for an alcohol permit from the State of New York. Alcohol at an event should only be considered when the majority of the students in attendance are expected to be those who are over 21.

    Bank Accounts

    Student organizations are not permitted to maintain accounts with local or national banks. All club funding must be coordinated through the Campus Life and Leadership Office.

    Budget and Financial Procedures

    Student clubs and organizations are eligible to receive funding from the Student Government Association through the Organizational Finance Review Committee. These funds are administered by the committee with assistance from the Campus Life and Leadership Office.

    OFRC allocates funds to student organizations on a per-semester or academic year cycle. In order to receive funding the organization must:
    1. Be a recognized student club
    2. Have officers in place
    3. Have an approved faculty/ staff advisor
    4. Have completed the annual registration process
    5. Have attended all required OFRC meetings and/ or training sessions
    6. Have followed the required procedures and completed the necessary documentation to request funding

    Requests for funding must be in writing on the appropriate form and contain all of the information required. Forms can be found on the OFRC website at

    Additional documentation (such as contracts, invoices, and other materials) may be required for submission prior to the approval of a funding request. Contracts, invoices, or other statements must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the event for payment to be received on time. Upon completion of the event, all receipts and any remaining funds must be submitted to financial services five (5) academic days after an event. Funds cannot be drawn for the next event until outstanding funds are reconciled.

    Additional information regarding the funding process can be found in the Organizational Finance and Review Committee bylaws, available through the Campus Life and Leadership Office.

    Campus Security at Events

    Uniformed officers from the Campus Security office are not required at all events sponsored by student organizations. However, Campus Security is required for events where the expected attendance exceeds 300 people and/or alcohol will be served. Student organizations should make this request on the event registration form and are responsible for the cost of additional security. If Security is unable to cover the detail, an outside agency will be contacted. For major events, the services of the Dewitt Police Department and Dewitt Fire Department may be required as well.

    Compliance with College Policy

    Groups must agree to comply at all times with any and all relevant College policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and guidelines.

    Co-Sponsorship Policy

    Co-sponsorship of student programs with individuals or groups not affiliated with the College, whether in the form of financial sponsorship, or support and assistance in the planning of a College -sponsored event, may be permitted, subject to approval by the Campus Life and Leadership Office. Co-sponsored events with other student clubs on campus is encouraged.


    Officers and leaders of student clubs and organizations must be in “good standing” as defined by the College’s academic policies and student conduct code. Although specific to most clubs constitutions, officers and leaders of student clubs should maintain at least a 2.5 GPA.

    Email and Web Sites

    Student organizations can request an organization-specific e-mail account through the Information Technology department by contacting the Help Desk at 445-4579. Email accounts through private or commercial e-mail providers are prohibited without the explicit permission of the Campus Life and Leadership office.

    Student organizations have access to develop their own website through the portal. Organizations may not have a web presence on any other private or commercial web servers without permission of the Office of College Activities.

    Event Procedures

    Organizations that wish to use Le Moyne’s facilities to sponsor an event should fill out an online request form at at least seven school days prior to the scheduled reservation date. The scheduling of the time and place of student social functions must follow the established procedures as outlined and approved by the Office of Campus Life and Leadership Programs. No student organization may hold any public or semipublic affairs such as dances, banquets, parties or business meetings without approval of the Office of Campus Life and Leadership Programs.

    The above provisions apply to any student activity that may be directly or indirectly identified with the College. Groups or individ¬uals with purposes or practices contrary to the objectives or regula¬tions of the College will be liable to discipline up to dismissal.

    All members of the College community have access to the usual college facilities, publicity and similar resources, in order to express their views or to have others present views in which they are interested. They must follow the clearly stated regulations concerning registration of activities. No one in his or her speech has the right to use libel, obscenity or to incite riot or advocate the forceful overthrow of the United States government. This policy further excludes speeches that are essentially scandalous or false and speakers without professional or personal credentials.

    Event Registration

    In order to coordinate the events that happen on the Le Moyne Campus, and insure that the necessary space and resources are available to make each event a success, all events must be submitted though the Event Management website at least two weeks prior to the event. Two forms exist on the site, one for student planned events and one for faculty/staff planned events. This form allows you to request a room and support services like catering, AV, security, room set up and more. Student events need to be approved by the Campus Life and Leadership department before they can be confirmed. This can take some time so the sooner you submit your event registration the more likely you will be able to find an available space and receive the support you need.

    Event Supervision

    Student organizations should supervise and support their own events using club members and faculty/staff as needed. Event Management will require one contact person, generally a staff member, for each event that they can contact with questions prior to the event. At the time of the event a student from the club must be present at the event from the beginning of set-up to the end of the breakdown. Regardless of age, at no time may the student contact person consume any alcoholic beverages during the event. Any event where alcohol will be served, the advisor or other college personnel and a member of the Campus Security office or local police department must present. Advisors are welcome and encouraged to attend all events, but are not required to do so.

    Food at Events

    Student organizations holding meetings or events on campus, in any space, inside or out, other than the residence halls are required to use Le Moyne College’s Dining Services, managed by SODEXO, Inc., for any catering or other food/beverage needs. The Catering Office publishes a catering guide and menu specifically for student organizations.

    Fraternities and Sororities

    The College does not recognize or permit fraternities or sororities, or any other secret or ritualized societies, clubs, or organizations.


    Student organizations may sell approved materials related to the purpose of those organizations and may collect dues, donations, and admission charges at locations approved by the Campus Life and Leadership Office.

    Funds raised by recognized student organizations may be expended in any manner that is consistent with the purposes of those organizations. However, no funds are to be used for an individual’s personal gain. Personal gain is defined as the sale of goods or services or the sponsorship of any fundraising activity on College property by any individual or group that is intended to improve the personal financial status of any person or group of persons involved in the sponsorship of the activity. Such funds are subject to local, state, and federal laws and to financial accountability by the College.

    Student organizations are subject to the following restrictions in raising funds:

    1. All fundraising events must be approved by the Office of Campus Life and Leadership. In addition, all items to be sold for fundraising purposes and any imprinted design or logo must be approved, prior to their being ordered, by the Campus Life and Leadership Office.

    2. All fundraising events must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance with the Campus Life and Leadership Office.

    3. No organization may sell items or sponsor fundraisers in the college residence halls; study lounges, etc., or disturb or interrupt the conduct of classes. Limited permission for fundraisers in the residence halls may be granted at the discretion of the Associate Director for Campus Life.

    4. All monies raised through approved fundraising activities must be deposited immediately into that organization's account through the Campus Life and Leadership Office.

    5. Permission from Institutional Advancement is required for any student, group of students or student organization to solicit funds or sponsorship from anyone outside the College, including, but not limited to, alumni, parents and off-campus businesses.

    Maintenance and Custodial Services

    Event management will coordinate room set up and breakdown with Physical plant and the need for custodial services per the event request form. Should additional janitorial service or outside services like stage, sound lights and decorations be needed, the club will be billed accordingly. Additionally, should there be any damage to college property as a result of a student event, the sponsoring club will be billed.

    Misconduct and Disciplinary Actions

    The Campus Life and Leadership Office will periodically review student organization registrations. Failure to continue to meet the definition of a student organization and/or organization membership or failure to adhere/comply with the responsibilities of a student organization and/or its officers could also cause the organization’s registration to be reviewed.

    Prior to action by the Campus Life and Leadership Office the student organization will be notified of an opportunity to meet with a representative of either office to discuss specific concerns. The student organization will subsequently be notified in writing of any sanctions imposed.

    As a result of registration review, sanctions that may be placed on the organization including but are not limited to:
    1. Placing a group on probation with full privileges.
    2. Placing a group on probation with restricted privileges.
    3. Suspension of registration without privileges.
    4. Revocation of registration.
    5. Referral of organization’s officers to the Judicial Board.

    Student organizations, their officers and their members may be held collectively or individually responsible for violations of the Code of Student Conduct or the specific regulations governing student organizations. While group membership shall not serve to release an individual from personal responsibility, collective group responsibility may be found for some violations committed by individual group members at the College's discretion. Please see the Code of Student Conduct for more information


    A group may not duplicate the purpose and/or activities of an existing student organization. For a listing of all the currently recognized student groups, please stop by the Office of Campus Life and Leadership.

    Off-Campus Events

    One of the functions of the Event Management office is to prevent events form conflicting with one another. As a result, it is necessary for the office to know what events, on or off campus, are occurring at any given time to help campus programmers pick dates for their events with as little competition from other events as possible. Student organizations who are planning events off -campus are required to follow the same registration guidelines for events at on-campus facilities.

    Open Membership

    In keeping with the College’s mission statement, membership in a student organization must be nondiscriminatory and cannot discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, creed, gender, national origin, or sexual orientation. Organizations may limit membership to undergraduate, graduate, full-time students, or on the basis of class year, or residency status. Such groups must state the rationale for their limitations and receive the approval of the Vice President for Student Development.

    Programming Assistance

    All student organizations are encouraged to seek programming assistance from their advisors. In addition, the Camps Life and Leadership Office is available to provide assistance to students when planning their events. Student organizations are also encouraged to seek support and assistance from each other, including the possibility of co-sponsoring events.

    Public Attendance

    An event not limited to the Le Moyne College community constitutes an event open to the general public. Student organization-sponsored events that may include more than 100 students and/or guests are subject to the following guidelines:

    • Guest must have some form of ID with them at all times.
    • All students attending the event must carry their Dolphin Card
    • Coordination with the Security Office is required for club-sponsored events when more than 500 participants are expected to address the various issues related to public gatherings.
    • An advisor or faulty/staff member must be present for club events that occur late at night, involve more than 200 guests, or take place off campus.
    • Attention should be paid to providing access to all guests, including those with disabilities.

    Review and Approval Process

    New groups are required to make a formal presentation to the Student Government Association. If approved, the club application will be reviewed by the Vice President for Student Development. Once approved by the Vice President, the clubs application will go back to the Student Governement Association for final approval and to receive a budget.

    Recognized Student Organizations

    Any student group wising to use College facilities and /or student activity fee funds for an event or activity must be a recognized club. Clubs or student groups that are unrecognized are ineligible to use any college facilities or receive any funds.

    Religious or Spiritual Activities/Organizations

    Student activities or organizations of a religious or spiritual nature must be coordinated through the Office of Campus Ministry, which strives to serve and work with students of all faiths and traditions. Organizations will not receive recognition or funding without prior coordination with Campus Ministry.

    Responsibilities and Privileges of Student Clubs


    Student organizations are expected to comply with all policies and procedures set forth by the College, the Campus Life and Leadership Office, Student Government Association and the Organizational Finance & Review Committee. In addition, student organizations are expected to fulfill the following responsibilities:

    1. Submit the names and contact information for all club officers and advisor(s)
    2. Submit the active club membership list for the current academic semester or year (membership must be greater than 10 students)
    3. Submit a monthly summery of meetings and events
    4. Attend all scheduled leadership training programs or meetings
    5. Maintain a current club constitution and/or bylaws that clearly outline the framework and governance of the organization
    6. Meet all club financial obligations
    7. Have representation at all activities fairs or other College functions (e.g., Open House) as requested


    The College seeks to support student organizations and foster an environment where student organizations are an integral part of student life. To that end, student organizations enjoy the following privileges:

    1. The support of the Campus Life and Leadership Office
    2. Use of the College’s name in association with the name of the student organization
    3. Solicitation of membership on campus under the club’s name
    4. Listing of the student organization in official publications of Le Moyne College
    5. The ability to publicize on campus
    6. Co-sponsorship of activities with other organizations, offices and departments
    7. Conduct fundraising activities on campus
    8. Use of the College’s electronic mail system
    9. Maintaining a Web site on
    10. Participation in leadership recognition events, conferences, and activities
    11. Use of facilities and support services of the College

    Room Reservations

    On-line event registration forms are used to reserve rooms or facilities for meetings and events. Student organizations can also reserve a table or other demonstration space in the lower atrium of the Campus Center. To reserve a room or space, the organization must be registered and recognized by the College. The event registration form can be found at

    Sound, Lighting, and Media Equipment

    The Le Moyne Student Programming Board has basic sound equipment available for use by student clubs and organizations. For additional sound, lighting, or media needs, equipment can be reserved through Classroom Services. The cost of such equipment is the responsibility of the sponsoring student organization. For events that require complicated sound and light set up please contact the Campus Life and Leadership office for local vendors to provide this service.

    Tickets / Wristbands

    If tickets or wristbands are being sold for an event, the storage of all tickets and money must be coordinated with the Campus Life and Leadership office. Campus Life can provide cash boxes and a change bank given advanced notice. All funds collected from ticket/wristbands must be deposited to the club’s college account.

    Transportation / College Vans

    Campus Life and Leadership has 10-12 passenger vans available for student organizations to use for official College-sponsored activities. Registered student drivers can use the vans within a 50 mile radius of the College. For any trip farther than 50 miles or that requires having the van overnight requires a College faculty, staff or administrator to be present.

    You may reserve a van by calling, emailing or stopping by in person to the Campus Life and Leadership Office with the following information:
    Number of vans needed
    Date & time van will be used
    Name of Student Group using the van
    Name of approved van driver
    Account number to be billed
    This information will be transferred to a Van Reservation form which you will need in order to pick up your van from Security on the day of your event.

    All drivers of vehicles must be registered through Security. Only students who have completed Drivers Education or have completed the voluntary six hour NYS Defensive Driving Course and have proof of such are allowed to drive the vans. Van drivers will also be required to submit to a background check on their driving history by the Campus Security Office. Out of state drivers will need to submit their own driving history report available through their State’s Department of Motor Vehicles. If you are interested in being a certified van driver please stop by the Campus Life and Leadership office to start the process.

    Vans may be used for College-sponsored activities only. Any unauthorized use of the vehicles or use for other than the stated purpose will result in loss of van privileges for the entire year for the offending organization. No exceptions will be made.

    The Campus Life and Leadership Office reserves the right to limit vehicle use in order to make the vehicles available to highest number of student groups possible.

    Speaker Policy

    Le Moyne College is committed to providing an environment that encourages students to develop critical thinking skills, and make responsible decisions. To this end, student organizations are encouraged to sponsor lectures and speakers, including individuals from outside the College community on a variety of topics relevant to the issues being faced by society. Student clubs are encouraged to work with the Campus Life and Leadership office when choosing a speaker appropriate to their organization’s goals. Student groups are required to follow the same event planning procedures as as they would for any other event. These procedures are designed to ensure orderly scheduling of facilities, adequate preparation for the event, and make it possible to conduct the event in a manner appropriate to an academic community. In the rare occurrence where a speaker or individual may be so controversial in nature as to create a public safety concern, the College reserves the right to reschedule, relocate, or cancel the event.

    Travel Policy

    Events that require travel to off-campus locations must be registered like any other event. The student organization must supply a list of all students attending the event prior to their departure to the Campus Life and Leadership office and the Campus Security Office. For overnight trips or trips beyond 50 miles of the campus, supervision by College personnel is required. Students are not allowed to drive a College vehicle beyond 50 miles of the campus without College personnel present. If a College-owned vehicle is being used, the van driver must be registered and authorized by the College to drive the vehicle. Please note that students who drive to off-campus College events in privately owned vehicles are not covered under the College’s insurance policy.

    Le Moyne College and all representative associates assume no responsibility or liability in connection with the service of any aircraft, train, bus, vessel, or any other conveyance which is used, either wholly or in part, in the transporting of passengers. Neither will they be responsible for any act, error, or omission nor any loss or injury to persons or property, accident, delay, or irregularity which may be occasioned by reason of defect of any vehicle, or, through neglect or default of any company or person including hotels engaged in carrying out the purpose for which tickets or coupons have been issued, nor any illness, disease or infirmity or injury, death, damage, or inconvenience sustained by any person for any reason whatsoever. Nor does Le Moyne College assume any financial liability or responsibility for any phase of the event. It is expressly understood that the College will not be responsible for any monies paid in regard to said event. In addition, there should be no alcohol consumed or present in any vehicle at any time.