The world needs good people now more than ever

At Le Moyne College, we believe so strongly in the uniqueness of our education and its power to do good in the world that we want to share it. That’s why we’ve created the Dolphin Award – a scholarship and career-readiness program.

This is our Promise

To see all the elements of the Dolphin Award and learn how it’s making a Le Moyne education more accessible while promoting student success, click the items below. 

We will provide you with an automatic $10,000 scholarship.

The core of our Dolphin Award is an automatic scholarship of $10,000 over four years for full-time, incoming first-year students – with no strings attached. The scholarship is on top of any other merit or need-based assistance. 

We promise to work with you to stay on track to complete your undergraduate degree in four years by helping you pursue a major that aligns with your goals and interests, and enroll in the classes you need to stay on schedule. 

We promise to help you find the right faculty, staff, alumni or community partner to mentor you from your first walk on campus to your walk across the stage – and even after you graduate.

We promise that, working alongside your professors and Le Moyne's career advising professionals, you will find and complete a challenging internship, and enjoy a meaningful experience that fits with your career aspirations.
We promise that you’ll have the chance to interview with one of our outstanding alumni before graduation to test-drive your interviewing skills and gain valuable feedback on how to advocate for yourself in a competitive job market.