Endowment Giving

 For those donors who would like their gift to last forever and would like their initial investment to continue to grow and generate income in perpetuity, then an endowed gift may be the direction to go.

Le Moyne is ever grateful for the transformational the 2008 McDevitt bequest of $50 million dollars, the largest single gift in the history of the college and one of the largest ever for a Jesuit institution. Gifts of that magnitude impact the College essentially and affirm Le Moyne’s excellence as a College and the value of the Jesuit education that it provides its students.

The McDevitt gift was clearly unique in magnitude, yet the College is fortunate that many alumni and friends wish to create a legacy, something that is named and tangible but will last the life of Le Moyne and the College has many options for those donors. Below are a few examples;

Endowment Gift Options


Incremental Professorship (newly created position)


Professorship (existing faculty position)

Career Development Professorship (junior faculty support for 3-year term)

Visiting professorship


Full-tuition scholarship

Lectureship Fund

Fellowship Fund

Scholarship Fund

Endowed gifts give Le Moyne the ability to embark upon new disciplines and programs and offer prestige and impressive naming opportunities for the benefactors and beneficiaries who value academic excellence. 

Summary of Le Moyne’s Endowment Information

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CLASS ACT: Where is Your Le Moyne?

Maybe it’s the place where you first heard Shakespeare read out loud, met your spouse, cracked the code of calculus, or finally questioned a long-held belief. Perhaps you have not seen it in 60 years, or maybe you pass by it every day. Without a doubt, though, it exists. For all Le Moyne graduates, there is a surely a place on the Heights that is forever etched into their memory, a place that is so special to them that they think of it as uniquely “theirs.” With the College’s Class Act Program, it truly can be.  

Room 408 Grewen Hall or the third floor lounge of Harrison Hall- where is your most meaningful memory?


“My time at Le Moyne was precious to me in so many ways. It is where I laughed, studied, dreamed and learned and truly, I still think of it as home.” I live in Dallas, but thanks to my CLASS ACT gift, a part of me is still at Le Moyne. “


A gift of $50,000 or more allows you to choose a classroom, lab or lounge on campus that was important to you and to name that place for a significant period of time.  It is a way to have lasting impact on current students, even when you are miles away. It allows the College the flexibility to use your gift where their current priorities necessitate; primarily student financial support and instruction.

Along with the naming of a class room, Le Moyne will host a commemorative signage and a dedication event to celebrate your generosity with current students.  Your name will remind students that someone came before them, worked hard at Le Moyne and went on to become a leader who gives back. You would be modeling philanthropy for the next generation of Dolphins. In essence you are saying, “ This is what a Le Moyne education means to me, and what I hope it will mean to you.”

Dedication of Memorials/ Trees in memory or In Honor of a Loved One

You may also wish to consider dedicating a tree on campus in honor or in memory of a loved one.