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    Peace & Global Studies

    Peace & Global Studies
    About the Program

    The Peace and Global Studies major will help students understand the origins, challenges and ethical dimensions of "Globalization." Students in the major – and students taking global studies courses as electives – will be asked to think about a host of issues that transcend national boundaries – migration/immigration, global climate change, refugees, terrorism, the movement of capital and development. Majors will also explore how concepts of justice and peace are linked in the world context to issues of economics, labor relations, the environment, gender, family, law, human rights, communications and culture.

    Peace and Global Studies majors will attain advanced foreign language skills, spend at least a semester in a study-abroad program, and take both Introduction to Global Studies (PGS 201) and a capstone interdisciplinary seminar entitled, "Ethics and Challenges of Globalization." In addition, working with Peace and Global Studies Program faculty, students will develop an individualized course of study, taking several electives in a regional or thematic area of specialization. Regional specializations include the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and East Asia; thematic concentrations will include issues of global environmental change, economic development and under-development, family and gender, law and human rights, and conflict resolution.

    Peace and global studies majors are well positioned to find careers in government service, non-governmental organizations or to pursue graduate studies and professional training in law, management and public policy.

    Why Peace & Global Studies?

    Le Moyne College’s commitment to issues of global studies runs deep. Not only is this in keeping with the Jesuit tradition of intellectual rigor in a world context noted by Fr. General Hans-Kolvenbach, but is a reflection of the diverse community of scholar-teachers that make up the Le Moyne faculty. The development of the center in tandem with the major will work to create and sustain a viable and exciting academic program that will increasingly play a part in the collegiate experience of all of our students. Finally, the program and the major will help prepare young people to be productive and ethical global citizens in an ever-smaller world.

    Peace & Global Studies Courses and Requirements

    Peace and Global Studies is an interdisciplinary major designed to provide students with a way to understand the origins, challenges and ethical problems of the contemporary world. Students who take this major explore how the concepts of justice and peace are linked to issues of economics, labor relations, the environment, religion, gender and family, law and human rights, communications and culture.

    Students majoring in Peace and Global Studies identify a thematic and regional specialization for their course of study. As an interdisciplinary major, courses are drawn from various fields in the humanities (e.g., history, philosophy, religious studies), the social sciences (e.g., anthropology, political science, sociology) and foreign languages. Peace and Global Studies majors spend at least one semester abroad and are encouraged to participate in internship programs and service learning.

    If you would like to learn more about courses, requirements, and opportunities for the Peace and Global Studies major, please see the Le Moyne Course catalog.

    Get in Touch

    Contact the Program Director:

    Dr. Delia Popescu


    (315) 445-4490


    Contact the Program:

    Reilly Hall 427
    Peace & Global Studies program
    Le Moyne College
    1419 Salt Springs Road
    Syracuse, NY 13214


    (315) 445-4100


    Get Involved On Campus

    Amnesty International

    Amnesty International is a nonpolitical organization dedicated to the work of advocacy on behalf of prisoners of conscience. Amnesty International promotes campus networks so that during the academic year students can participate in the organization’s work. The purpose of the campus network at Le Moyne is twofold: to help in the work that the organization carries out and to allow students to learn about the world situation regarding prisoners of conscience.

    Habitat for Humanity – Le Moyne College Chapter

    Through fundraising, education and building assistance (locally and on alternative breaks), the Le Moyne College chapter of Habitat for Humanity works with the Syracuse chapter as well as Habitat for Humanity International to forward the mission of providing adequate housing and creating healthy communities for those in need.

    Model United Nations

    The Le Moyne College Model United Nations Club participates every year in the Model UN Conference at Harvard University or other Model UN conferences. Model UN is an educational simulation and academic competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations by representing assigned countries and writing briefs on particular international issues.

    Projects in the Community

    Projects in the Community (PIC) was established at Le Moyne in 1969 to send Le Moyne students into the Syracuse community on a volunteer basis. PIC provides the structure for students to participate in Christian social action by volunteering their services as tutors, recreational aides, and friends of senior citizens.

    Meet the Faculty

    Delia Popescu

    Delia Popescu

    Program Director, Associate Professor of Political Science View Bio
    Bruce Erickson

    Bruce Erickson

    Associate Professor of History View Bio
    Christina Michelson

    Christina Michelson

    Associate Professor of Psychology View Bio

    Farha Ternikar

    Farha Ternikar

    Associate Professor of Sociology View Bio
    Deborah Tooker

    Deborah Tooker

    Professor of Anthropology View Bio
    Ludger Viefhues-Bailey

    Ludger Viefhues-Bailey

    Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Gender & Culture View Bio

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    Student Spotlight

    Megan O'Reilly

    Megan O'Reilly

    Peace & Global Studies '10

    I attribute my passion for travel to the diversity of classes available at Le Moyne.

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