Thomas Stamas ’14 never imagined that he would land his dream job at age 22 – but he did. A communication major, Stamas is a production assistant (PA) at the cable sports network in Bristol, Conn. The job was made possible because Stamas spent a semester working as an intern at ESPN.

“This internship was a fantastic experience,” he said. “When I first heard about it, I thought it was probably a long shot. I am so glad that I applied, and that it’s worked out so well.”

What made the internship unique was that, following two weeks of training and observation, Stamas took on the responsibilities of a full-time production assistant. His responsibilities included compiling highlights for Division I men’s basketball games, which included researching games, developing story lines, logging every major play and, of course, editing clips from the game for air on deadline. His work behind the scenes - first as an intern and now as a full-time PA - is instrumental in helping ESPN’s anchors discuss games on air. To that end, Stamas said the work “is stressful, but it’s also incredibly enjoyable to make games appealing even to casual fans.”

Among the lessons he has learned from his work are to budget his time – he is often racing the clock when he is preparing highlights for the network's flagship show, SportsCenter.

“When I first became interested in this field, I wanted to be a SportsCenter anchor, and I would still love to do that,” he said. “However, I’ve found that I also really enjoy working behind the camera. Being a producer may be a new dream of mine.”