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    Board of Regents Committees

    Executive Committee
    The Executive Committee will consist of at least ten (10) members according to the by-laws including the Chair, Vice Chair, the Secretary of the Board, the President of the College, the Vice President of Institutional Advancement, the Executive Secretary of the Board, the immediate past Chair of the Board, and the co-chairs of the standing committees.

    The Executive Committee shall have authority to act for the Board of Regents on matters which cannot or should not be deferred to the Board's next scheduled meeting, except for the following which shall be reserved for the Board: Regents and board officer election; and changes to the Constitution or By-Laws. These By-Laws or other Board resolutions or policies may reserve other powers for the Board of Regents. The Executive Committee shall report to the full Board at each meeting on all actions taken by it since the last Board meeting. When requested by the Board, it shall oversee the work of all Board committees.

    - Richard Shaw '89 ~ Chairperson
    - Maria Ucchino '85 ~ Vice Chairperson
    - Leanne Hughes Fiscoe '82 ~ Secretary

    Board Development Committee
    The Board Development Committee shall have at least five (5) members. The Committee solicits recommendations from the Board of Regents and the College community of names of persons who would aid Le Moyne College to achieve its mission and goals. It then reviews the names and recommends to the Board who should be named a Regent or a Regent Emeritus. The Board Development Committee usually makes its recommendations at the Annual meeting of the Board but in cases of resignations from the Board the committee can present names at any regular meeting of the Board to fill the vacancies.

    The Board Development Committee is responsible for the training of new Board members and for the on-going development of existing board members. The committee is also responsible for periodically reviewing and updating the Regents by-laws.

    - Joanne Rauch '92 ~ Outgoing co-chair
    - Maria Ucchino '85 ~ Incoming co-chair
    Founders’ Day Committee
    The Founders’ Day Committee shall have at least ten (10) members. Traditionally, membership has included the Chair of the Board and the past Founders’ Day Chair. This committee’s membership may also include non-Regents. The Committee is responsible for planning and executing all aspects of the annual Founders’ Day Gala.

    - Steven Infanti '70 ~ co-chair
    - David Grover '05, '06 PA ~ co-chair

    Simon Le Moyne Committee
    The Simon Le Moyne committee shall have at least five (5) members. Traditionally those members have included the Board Chair, the past Founders’ Day Chair, the current Founders’ Day Chair(s), the Vice President of Institutional Advancement, the Director of Communications, the Executive Secretary to the Board and any other appropriate Regents members. The committee is responsible for annually soliciting nominations for and presenting three to five candidates to the President of the College for her consideration.

    - Mary Anne Winfield ~ co-chair
    - Leanne Fiscoe '82 ~ co-chair

    Mission and Identity Committee
    The Mission and Identity Committee shall have at least five (5) members. The committee studies the role and mission of the Board, taking into account changes in higher education and the needs of Central New York and the nation. It does so in light of Le Moyne College’s commitment to the Jesuit order and to the Roman Catholic Church. The committee, after review and discussion, recommends to the Board of Regents initiatives and projects that enable the Board and the President of the College to meet its stated mission and goals.

    - Maria Ucchino '85 ~ co-chair
    - Daniel Mahle '95, MBA '99 ~ co-chair

    Personal and Professional Development Committee
    The Committee members will provide opportunities to support student learning and development inside and outside the classroom. They will serve as advisors or mentors, attend networking events and gatherings, refer graduates to hiring managers, directly hire student interns or externs and provide services such as mock interviews, resume reviews or networking opportunities.  The committee will work closely with the Career Center to identify opportunities for increased interaction among students, faculty and alumni and to identify alumni volunteers to participate in programs as necessary.

    - Patrick Dailey '87 ~ co-chairs
    - William Murphy '79 ~ co-chairs