The Racial Justice Committee is chaired by Tabor Fisher, Professor of Philosophy and Assistant to the Provost on Diversity and Inclusion.  You can reach her at or call her:
office: (315) 445-4125 or mobile: (315) 409-9540



The decision to have six subcommittees was made by thematizing the many issues raised in the forums.  Each subcommittee was given the list of ideas and suggestions made in the forums related to that subcommittee’s theme.  

 Subcommittees are as follows (click on the subcommittee name to see the membership of that committee):

Membership and Subcommittee Changes

We appreciate the enormous gifts of time and talent that each member of the committee gives to Le Moyne.  However, we also understand that people will need to step away from the committee and turn to other projects from time to time.  At the same time, many members of the Le Moyne community are eager to contribute to building an anti-racist institution.  For those reasons, each semester, any RJC members who wish, may step down from the committee and be replaced by others who have indicated their willingness to commit to the work for at least one semester.  All members of the RJC receive diversity training before they begin their work, and this continues to inform the work they are engaged in. 

If you are interested in joining the committee when a vacancy arises, please write to and let us know.

As our work evolves and the needs of the community change, we may decide to reconfigure the subcommittees, shifting emphasis, removing a subcommittee, or creating a new one.  Since all proposals that come from the RJC must be measurable, we will continually assess the impact of RJC initiatives, reflect, and adjust to address the ongoing struggle for racial justice at Le Moyne and in our wider community.