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    Photo Claire Nakoski

    November 10, 2016

    TRANSFERmation: Transfer Student Orientation at Le Moyne

    Thinking about joining our ’Phin Phamily? We’d love to have you become a part of our community. Here’s a little guide on what you can expect from the transfer process at Le Moyne.

    Le Moyne provides new transfer students with a unique orientation program named “TRANSFERmation”. It is designed to recognize that transfer students have already experienced an orientation program, but that you may still have many questions you want answered as no two colleges are the same. There are two parts to Le Moyne’s “TRANSFERmation” program; a “New Beginnings” session, and a “Connecting to Campus” event.

    New Beginnings is an informal session designed to complete the steps to becoming a Le Moyne student. You’ll get your Le Moyne ID and you’ll be able to ask any questions about the next steps you need to take before starting classes. The program will highlight how Le Moyne is unique and different from other schools and what resources are available to you on campus. You’ll be able to meet other transfer students and start to discuss how to prepare for your first semester here. There are multiple sessions to choose from so that you can pick a time that works best for your schedule. In addition, a few of the sessions have “family tracks”, where you can invite any family members to attend the session with you. They’ll be able to participate in an informative session designed for them.

    The second part of the “TRANSFERmation” program, Connecting to Campus, is a half-day event just before classes start. The event is required and will be attended by all transfer students, so you’ll have a chance to meet everyone else who is the same situation as you! You’ll have the chance to attend a variety of “deeper-level” sessions where you’ll be further oriented into life at Le Moyne. Sessions will cover academic and co-curricular opportunities, internships and career opportunities, and academic, social, and leadership organizations. They will also provide state-mandated information (in the form of personal safety training) for new students as well as FAQs designed from questions transfer students have asked in the past.

    If you have already committed to Le Moyne College, here’s a brief checklist for heading to the Heights:

    1. Register for Classes
    Incoming transfer students have the perk of priority registration, which means you can register for classes before the general student population. This gives you early access to selecting your preferred classes and class times. Be sure to connect the Registrar’s Office to confirm your class schedule.

    2. Sign up for New Beginnings
    Find the session that best fits your schedule.

    3. RSVP for Connecting to Campus
    It’s required of all incoming transfer students.

    4. Complete important forms
    As a new student, you are required to complete your Health and Immunization forms prior to the start of classes. If you are also interested in purchasing a meal plan, please complete the Board Contract.

    5. Send your final transcripts in
    If you have any courses that are currently in progress, don’t forget to send in your final college transcript to the Registrar at: Registrar’s Office, Le Moyne College, 1419 Salt Springs Road, Syracuse, NY 13214.

    6. Set up your computer access
    Once you have a course schedule, a message will be sent to your personal email account with your new Le Moyne computer information. Review the information and set up your personal password. Get in a habit of checking your Le Moyne email account daily.

    7. Clarify your financial aid and college expenses
    Should you have any questions about your FAFSA, how much aid you have available, or your financial aid package in general, call the Financial Aid Office at (315)-445-4400, or schedule a meeting to discuss it in person.

    8. Obtain a parking permit
    If you plan to have a car on campus, purchase your parking pass online here. You can also find more information about parking lot assignments and permit rates at

    Written by: Claire Nakoski, '17, Communications major

    Category: Student Voices