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    Photo Becca Malachowski

    September 10, 2019

    6 Fun Things To Do On Le Moyne's Campus

    Being a college student often entails being in one place for a long time. I should know, I’m already on my fourth year of doing it. Some nights you’re bored or finished all of your homework (if the latter is you, please come talk to me) and you find yourself sitting in your dorm saying “What do I do now?” Well, you no longer need to ask that question because I have compiled a list of some of my favorite things Le Moyne’s campus has to offer.

    Join a club:
    Although “join a club” seems pretty self-explanatory, there are a few pieces of information you should know. Le Moyne is home to 80+ clubs and student-run organizations on campus. At the beginning of every semester, a club fair is held where you can sign up for tons of clubs! There’s a club for everyone and every kind of niche, whether you are interested in video games, student programming, community service, or a club based off of your major, you can definitely find a great group to be a part of. You could also pick a club based on your availability. Clubs typically meet weekly or bi-weekly, but some only meet monthly. 

     Hang out and blow through Munch Money in the Den:
    Most students already know where the Dolphin Den is and what it’s all about, but since it’s one of my favorite places on campus, I felt like I needed to do an appreciation paragraph. The Dolphin Den (or just the Den for short) is another place to eat besides the Cafeteria. You could go on the healthier side with the food (salad, smoothie, or sushi) or you could have the best cheat day ever and have burgers and fried foods. Just outside the Den is Kaffe Nuvo and the C-Store. Kaffe Nuvo is typically open from 8:30am to 3:00pm and the C-store’s hours vary, but they are listed on the door.

    Go to LSPB events:
     The Le Moyne Student Programming Board (LSPB) is the largest (and most funded) club on campus. They are the group putting out all the concerts, trips, illusionists, dance parties, and massive bingo nights where you can win gift cards and even TV’s. They are loads of fun and you can typically get some sort of memorabilia from them. Grab some friends and go take some selfies so you can say “Hey, remember when we did that?”

    Go to information sessions or academic events:
    A couple of times throughout the semester there are information sessions held for studying abroad, classes with week-long trips to Europe, and graduate schools. The Office of Career Advising & Development also holds a career fair once a semester as well as their own programs like the Manresa Fellowship and resume drop-ins. Even if this is your first semester at Le Moyne, go. It’s always fun to learn about other opportunities you hadn’t thought of or what could be next after graduation. One thing I always wish I did was study abroad, but now that I am on my way out, it’s too late.

    Take advantage of the Le Moyne Shuttle:
    Okay, so I get this isn’t technically on Le Moyne’s campus, but it is still run by Le Moyne, so I’m counting it. Le Moyne’s shuttle bus goes to the Marshall’s plaza on Erie Boulevard and a nearby Walmart. You never need to waste your own gas to go grocery shopping! The Marshall’s plaza also has a Core Life Eatery as well as a growing number of restaurants and shops in case you want to eat out and do some retail therapy.

    You can cook your own food!
    We’ve all been there… Sometimes, we are just super tired of the food in the cafeteria. Well, now that you are back from Walmart, you have a whole array of ingredients at your disposal. If you live in Nelligan, St. Mary’s, or Harrison you will have access to a kitchen! If you do not live in any of these dorms or you live in the Heights or View and do not even want to think about turning on your oven in this heat, you can use your microwave! Le Moyne allows microwaves in all living arrangements and they are a godsend. Have you ever thought about all the delicious full meals you can make in a microwave? Download Pinterest and educate yourself.

    Becca Malachowski is a Senior English major who has been writing for the Dolphin Newspaper since freshman year. She is interested in all things arts and leisure, specifically reading, writing, and musical theatre.

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