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    Nicolette Finocchiaro

    September 10, 2019

    Always be Ready - You Never Know When Opportunity Will Come

    Nicolette Finocchiaro graduated in 2016, majoring in Marketing and Business Analytics. She currently manages season and group events for the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club.  Her main focus is on Season Seat Holder Rewards; generating, sending, and tracking all communication and staffing all Season Seat Holder Reward Events. In addition, she's the assistant to the Vice President of Ticket Sales and is responsible for reporting sales figures of the different group spaces and tailgate areas to all department heads.  "I earned this position by being a part of the Brewers organization as a sales representative in ticket sales for over two seasons.  During that time, I was responsible for generating revenue for the ball club through season ticket and group sales.  More importantly, this position helped me learn the value of time management and being consistent on a daily basis.  Developing these skills, and many others, helped me smoothly transition in to my current position of Manager of Season and Group Events."

    Thinking back to her time in the Madden School of Business at Le Moyne, she credits her professors for her academic and subsequent professional success.  "I valued the care professors had for their students and their desire to make sure we succeeded.  Being able to discuss questions during office hours was integral to my success.  Also, the size of the classes was ideal in helping me learn and fully understand the material."

    When asked to share her advice with current students, she felt three areas were key: focus on the things in their control, focus on the positive in every situation, and find ways to improve everyday. She explained "There is so much out of our control, but if we remain disciplined in doing the best we can on a daily basis, there is no limit to what can be accomplished.  Controlling things like work ethic, body language, attitude, showing up on time, etc. were keys to my success at Le Moyne and have been instrumental in my career advancement with the Brewers.  

    Next, stay positive.  Everything we do or experience is an opportunity to grow and learn.  It is easy to get caught up in feeling bad for ourselves because we didn't get the grade we wanted or the job we applied for, but it is important to stay focused on the process and know everything has two sides.  Keep your blessings in check, smile as much as you can, and remain focused on the positive.

    Finally, I would advise students to be improving everyday.  No matter how big or small, finding ways to be better than you were yesterday is very important. Whether this is through reading, reflecting, working out, flossing, writing, etc., self growth has been key to me owning my strengths, knowing my weaknesses, and keeping a positive outlook on the different obstacles faced daily."

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