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    Ryan Noone

    December 09, 2020

    Be Yourself and Be Honest With Yourself

    Ryan Noone graduated in 2018 with a degree in accounting. He is currently a Senior Accountant in the audit department at Bowers & Company, CPAs, PLLC in Syracuse. "Although I have experience working in multiple niches, I primarily work in the Shortline Railroad niche which brings us across the nation. Additionally I work in our transactional services department offering due diligence both on the buy & sell side." 


    Ryan's career path is similar to many of our students: "I started out like most students in the accounting program with obtaining internships. I first secured a tax internship and then an audit internship. To me, the face-to-face dealings that come about through the audit work was what swayed my decision between audit vs. tax work. Building a personal connection and putting a face to a name was something I really enjoyed about going out to client sites through my audit internship with B&C." He chose to work at Bowers & Company largely because of the people he was going to be working with: "We have a lot of younger employees at all different levels at Bowers and I have turned professional relationships into personal friendship with many of my coworkers."


    Ryan shared his thoughts about what he appreciated most about his time at Le Moyne: "The ever-present care and passion that the faculty, in all areas of study, but especially throughout the Madden School of Business, showed for the success of their students was something I will forever be grateful for."


    He also had some advice to our current students: "Be yourself and be honest with yourself. When you are going through the recruiting process, it is important for you to take note of the people you are meeting with and talking to. Many times, you will find that you make a connection and share interests/values with the people at one company more than another. Listening to yourself and identifying those types of connections are important when you are looking to make a decision on a future employer. Many of the firms in the area tend to have like-minded people working there, so the people you interview with are generally very similar to the rest of the firm's employees. Making a decision based on who you will be working with will make your development and growth that much easier."


    "I will forever be grateful for the relationships and connections that I made on The Heights. Cherish the time you get there, use your professors as resources, and trust in your advisors to guide you along the way."


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