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    Photo Emelia Pollock

    June 22, 2021

    Enjoy Every Moment

    Emelia Pollock graduated in 2021 with a degree in English Literature. She is currently working as a Registered Behavior Technician at Applied ABC in Syracuse while she prepares herself for her return to Le Moyne to complete her Master’s Degree in Education. 


    She credited her life experience as helping her find a career path she's passionate about pursuing: "I worked in special education settings as a teaching assistant with BOCES before leaving to pursue my degrees. Due to my experience with students with Autism, and my own son having Autism spectrum disorder, I was able to become certified and hired as an Registered Behavior Technician, working at home with individuals and their families."


    Like so many Le Moyne students, she felt that the professions showed a level of care and compassion beyond what could ever be expected: "I loved that the professors genuinely cared about my succeeding. I always felt that I could ask questions, and I felt that they had a deep passion for what they do."


    Her advice to our current students was simple and profound: "Enjoy every moment, you graduate faster than you know! It’s a privilege to be able to earn a degree, and learning things you’re passionate about is an added perk!"