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    Photo James Joseph

    April 20, 2022

    F. Paul Hetterich ‘84, In Memoriam

    Fr. Joseph Christie, the Secretary for Jesuit Higher Education headquartered in Rome, Italy, knows the name Paul Hetterich.

    Fr. Michael Garanzini, the President of the Association of American Jesuit Colleges and Universities, headquartered in Washington, DC, knows the name Paul Hetterich.

    120 Jesuit business school deans on six continents know the name Paul Hetterich.

    Paul Hetterich put his alma mater on the world stage.

    HOW did Paul do this? WHY did Paul do this?

    In keeping with Paul’s hallmark of humility, most of you probably do not know the story I am about to tell you. And if you do know about it, you may not appreciate the magnitude of Paul’s impact on Jesuit higher education around the globe.

    First, some brief context. A week from today marks the 10th anniversary of the naming of the Michael D. Madden School of Business at Le Moyne College.

    The naming of Le Moyne’s business school ignited the idea to create 4 Centers of Excellence that would give the Madden School a heart and soul as well as a “differentiating personality".

    #1 Entrepreneurship
    #2 Reflective Leadership
    #3 Research and Teaching Innovation
    #4 Global Engagement and Societal Impact

    There is only one name that belongs on a Center for Global Engagement and Societal Impact: Paul Hetterich.

    Since the 2016 naming of the Hetterich Center, what has transpired? Maybe the more appropriate question is: What and who has it transformed? Let’s just say that it far exceeded even Paul’s grandest vision.

    In just six short years, Paul’s generosity has touched the lives of many both at Le Moyne College and around the globe. Here are just a few examples:

    The Hetterich Center funded my trip to the International Conference on Information Systems in Seoul, South Korea. It connected me to a global community of scholars. We recently published an article in an FT-50 journal; the holy grail of business and economic research. — Dr. Yue Han

    Paul’s incredible support of his alma mater enabled me to present my research at a major international conference on sustainability in Sydney, Australia. — Dr. Bernard Arogyswamy

    Mr. Hetterich’s generosity allowed me to study abroad for an entire year at the Beijing Center. It changed my life. – Le Moyne Marketing Student

    I never dreamed that I would be traveling to The Hague. That moment galvanized my decision to attend law school. – Le Moyne Political Science Student

    Funded by the Hetterich Center, my trip to Chicago to present a case study at the Society for Case Researchers’ national conference was the highlight of my time at Le Moyne College and an experience I will never forget. – Le Moyne Management & Leadership Student

    Le Moyne sent the first college students in the world to visit the recently opened Yangon stock exchange. Thanks to Mr. Hetterich’s generosity, we witnessed capitalism’s evolution in Myanmar. — Dr. Fernando Diz
    [Due to the genocide that began in 2017, we no longer send students there, a powerful lesson in and of itself.]

    The Hetterich Center allowed me to bring a team of students to the 2019 National Collegiate Leadership Competition. It was the first time Le Moyne students participated in this prestigious competition. — Professor Tracy Couto

    The Hetterich Center funded a Jesuit-values Finance textbook authored by one of our professors at ITESO, the Jesuit university in Guadalajara. Today, that textbook is used in classrooms throughout Latin America. — ITESO Business School Dean Jose Gastelum

    The Hetterich Center funded the production of an Ethics textbook authored by one of our professors at the University of San Francisco. — USF Business School Dean Charles Moses

    The Secretary for Jesuit Higher Education knows Paul Hetterich’s name. The President of AJCU knows Paul Hetterich’s name.

    Paul Hetterich put his alma mater front and center on the world stage.

    The students and faculty of Le Moyne College – and beyond – are eternally grateful that his selfless generosity both enriched their lives and changed the trajectory of their careers.

    Paul was simply too humble to tell you.

    James Joseph '83
    Dean, Madden School of Business