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    Photo Joanne Rauch

    February 28, 2023

    Continuing a Legacy of Professionalism, Integrity and Service

    When Carol ’79 and Tom ’79 Fletcher founded CR Fletcher Associates nearly 34 years ago, they were guided by professionalism, integrity and passion. These principles, which were instilled in Carol and Tom by their families and nurtured throughout their time at Le Moyne, served as the foundation of every decision they made as they built the firm and nurtured its growth. Put simply, their work was inspired by the Jesuit ideal of service to others. Today CR Fletcher is known not only as a leader in the field of staffing and recruitment, but as an organization committed to serving the community it calls home.  


    When the time came for the Fletchers to select a new generation of professionals to guide the company toward the future, they knew they wanted to find people who were as committed to those Ignatian values as they were. Fortunately, they did not have to look far. The couple recently signed an agreement to transfer ownership of CR Fletcher to two longtime employees who are also fellow Dolphins, Joanne Rauch ’92 and Michelle Jevis ’02, MBA ’05. Rauch, who has been with the business nearly since its founding, most recently served as executive recruiter for CR Fletcher Associates, the direct hire, professional placement business. Jevis, who joined the team soon after graduating from Le Moyne, was its director of human resources and staffing for CR Fletcher Temps & CR Fletcher Industrial. Carol Fletcher said there was “perfect synergy” in transferring ownership to this pair. They embody the company’s motto: “Achieve Great Results with Great People.”


    Rauch and Jevis are taking on these new roles as their field is undergoing what some are calling a renaissance. The past decade in particular has seen a profound change in the ways people think about how they work, where they work, and what work means to them. Models of hiring, tracking and compensating employees have been supplanted by a new focus on talent management, professional development and total rewards. Flex time, telecommuting and shared-worked arrangements are growing more common as employees are increasingly searching for a greater work-life balance. There is, overall, a greater appreciation for the link between wellness and productivity.  


    These changes mean it will remain critical for CR Fletcher to continue to do what it has always sought to do – to find the right fit for both the candidate and the client. Even as they consider ways in which they can expand the company’s reach and focus, Rauch and Jevis are conscious never to do so at the expense of diluting the company’s mission or core values. They are regularly reminded that through their work they have the capacity to shape people’s lives for the better, for example when they meet someone they placed not long ago and learn that person is thriving and has already been promoted. 


    “Those are the memories that stand out for us,” Rauch said. 


    Jevis echoed those sentiments 


    “We are honored to carry on this legacy,” she said.



    Both of the Fletchers have been very engaged with their alma mater, and Rauch and Jevis are continuing that legacy as well. Rauch serves on the College’s Madden Advisory Board and Jevis is a member of the Board of Regents. Jevis has served as a guest lecturer in human resource management classes and as an adjunct faculty member. In addition, CR Fletcher was represented at the College’s recent Career Fair.


    CR Fletcher is a Certified NYS Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE)

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