Sempre Avanti - Le Moyne's Strategic Plan

President Linda LeMura’s vision for Le Moyne begins in the classroom: one student, one teacher, one connection at a time. Over the next five years, Le Moyne will continue to introduce cutting-edge, 21st century programs that will propel our students to become the bold, imaginative leaders our society so urgently needs. Led by world-renowned faculty members, the most innovative thinkers in fields, we will continue to draw the brightest, most highly qualified students to our campus. At our core will remain our Jesuit mission and identity, and our dedication to service and learning. Finally, we will work to provide the financial support it provides to students so that students receive an education that is not just inspirational, forward thinking, and timeless, but affordable.

The Objectives
A team of 13 College leaders and faculty members were tasked by Dr. Linda LeMura with developing a strategic plan for the College for the years 2016-2021. It includes an effective response to the challenges facing higher education and ways in which the College can best respond to those challenges, as well as to opportunities. It will also address:
  • the College’s academic vision
  • the role of collaborations with other institutions in educating our students
  • the path to economic sustainability consonant with the College’s mission and vision
  • the appropriate enrollment size for Le Moyne
  • the role of graduate and undergraduate education in the future of the College

Sempre Avanti - "Always Forward"

Le Moyne's Strategic Plan for 2016-2021
In advancing this plan, we honor the depth and permanence of our Ignatian roots - always rigorous, always creative, always intellectually curious - while we also welcome the forward movement of change.

Read the entire plan; an abbreviated overview of the plan can be found here.