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    November 09, 2016

    Senior Year: A Checklist for your Winter Application Process

    It’s coming faster than you care to think about… Decision Day. While May 1st may be looming as the “be all, end all” in your mind, there are simple steps you can take to make sure that you’re on track in your college application process. Don’t let May creep up on you-- meet it head on with this checklist.

    1. Submit your apps
    If you are ready, try to submit all of your applications by the end of December; this will give you peace of mind over winter break and you will be ready to handle financial aid applications and follow-ups with the new year.

    2. Check in with your counselor on mailed records
    Meet with your school counselor to make sure that all of the necessary records (transcripts, letters of recommendations, etc.) have been sent to and received by the colleges you have applied to or are in the process of applying to.

    3. Complete financial aid forms
    Make sure you have completed any financial aid forms according to each college’s specific deadlines. Some colleges, like Le Moyne, only require you to file the FAFSA. You can file your FAFSA now right here.

    4. Schedule campus visits to places you may need a second look at
    Consider scheduling another visit to the colleges you applied to or have been accepted to. Most colleges offer accepted student programs specifically tailored to helping you decide on a college. These will help you narrow down your list and decide on a college.

    5. Respond to requests from college Admission/Financial Aid offices
    Monitor your applications so that the college receives all of your information on time. Be sure you are aware of any requests colleges you applied to have made for additional or missing information; respond to these as soon as possible.

    6. Attend accepted student programs/receptions
    Attend any early accepted student programs for colleges that you have been accepted to and are interested in attending. This will give you the opportunity to ask more in depth questions about fields of studies you may be interested in and get to know general campus life and culture.

    Written by: Claire Nakoski, '17, Communications major
    Category: Student Voices