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    Photo Kyle Mullins

    February 17, 2017

    Guiding the Next Generation in Jesuit Education: Meet Kyle Mullins ‘09

    As Dean of Students at Regis High School, Kyle Mullins ‘09 is involved with the world of Jesuit education daily. Using the lessons that he learned at Le Moyne and reflecting on the wisdom of the professors who taught him, Kyle is teaching and guiding a new generation of scholars to be men for others. Whether he is teaching an English class, working with student leaders, or prepping for extracurricular events, Kyle is thoroughly involved in all aspects of the lives of his students.

    Why did you choose Le Moyne College?

    Le Moyne originally came on my radar because of being a smaller, Jesuit school like my high school was. Once I started looking into it more and visited, I was immediately struck by how welcoming everyone was and how much the professors seemed invested in their students. When I actually started at Le Moyne, I saw that all the more personally in so many ways, from brainstorming paper ideas in the English Department to dissecting Hyginus with Dr. McMahon to meeting new families each week as a tour guide.

    How has a liberal arts education helped you in your career path?

    Nearly every week I directly draw on the experiences I had at Le Moyne because of the wide range of courses I was able to take. In the classroom this week, I was discussing Terry Eagleton’s writing on satire that I studied with Dr. Lund, and in preparation for a service trip, I’ve been revisiting the Paul Tillich I discussed in a seminar with Fr. Hevern and Fr. Maldari; I could go on, of course, but in sum, the opportunity to study different disciplines with such excellent teachers has meant that my Le Moyne education continues to be an active part of my work many years after I graduated.

    What were you involved in on campus that meant the most to you?

    I suppose this answer is cheating a bit since it encompasses so much, but I would have to say my experience in the Honors Program. On the academic side, the texts we read and level of conversation we had prepared me exceptionally well for graduate school and beyond; beyond that, the people I met through the program, both my classmates and our professors, indelibly influenced the student, teacher, and ultimately professional that I’ve grow into.

    What does a "typical" day look like for you in your current job?

    One of the things I love about my position is that I have the opportunity to be involved in so many aspects of school life; really and truly, no two days look exactly the same. Today, for example, I greeted students as they came into the building, reconciled the attendance for the day, led a meeting of our campus safety committee, met with a group of student leaders I’ll be taking on retreat next month, taught my seminar course on Infinite Jest, and then talked briefly with each of the students who received JUG (a.k.a. detention). And as I write this, I have a student across the room tuning his guitar so we can rehearse a song for an upcoming coffeehouse event.

    Any advice for current students?

    At risk of sounding cliché, do not be afraid to put yourself out there and try something new! When I started at Le Moyne, I had less than zero interest in studying Philosophy beyond the core courses, but based on a friend’s recommendation, I decided to roll the dice on an elective with Dr. Flower, figuring that I could always drop it if I hated it. Instead, it and the subsequent courses I took with him to fill out my minor became some of the most important and lasting experiences I had in my four years.

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