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    April 20, 2020

    Keep Your 'Phins Up - A Guide to Positivity

    Maintaining the utmost level of spiritual and mental health are at the core of the Le Moyne College values. During times of tragedies, crisis, and hazard, the College emphasizes these values even more. With the new-normal of social distancing and quarantine, it is easy to imagine how the mind can be negatively affected. These impacts change major parts of our mental health, including autonomy, competency, and connectedness. In many cases, this extended time alone leaves the mind wandering and longing for its usual duties and routines.

    It is important to understand the effects that these impacts have on our mental state. In many cases, this includes fear, insomnia, anger, and low moods. Many of these symptoms are very normal in a time of peril, and it is truly okay to be feeling something similar. However, this does not mean there aren’t ways to prevent these symptoms. There are actually many ways to keep things lively, fun and to keep your ‘Phins up.

    Establish a Routine 

    Establishing a routine can be a major help while being home. It allows the mind to begin to structure things effectively, and allows for a more productive day. Incorporating some elements of an old routine can enhance this further. For students, actively engaging in video conferences for clubs, classes, and extracurriculars is a great way to see friends that may have been part of daily routines before. In fact, getting on Zoom with some fellow ‘Phins, or anyone that was part of your daily routine, can be quite effective. These calls not only give a structural form of routine to the brain, but also allow for social interaction.

    Keep on Swimming

    Exercise has a huge impact on mental and physical health. Exercise keeps us going through the toughest of times. This being said, the ability to exercise is now limited to an extent. If you have space to go outside, try getting exercise outside. It can be as simple as a run or playing with a soccer ball. For those at the house, there are many at-home exercises that can be accomplished as well. This could include exercising tapes, and working out using your bodyweight with pushups, situps, and burpees.

    Zoom On

    As mentioned previously, Zoom is not only good for online classes. The platform joins FaceTime, and Skype as effective tools to get a group communicating face to face online. These tools are essential to keeping busy while maintaining social relationships. It may seem difficult to convince friends or others to get on what seems to be a conference call, but there are many ways to make things more exciting:

    • Hosting a digital dinner event
    • Playing online party games (JackBox and Listography are two front-runners for this!)
    • Watched shared videos or movies together

    Finding ways to maintain positivity and good mental health during times of uncertainty is truly a must. Checking in on yourself and others can go a long way, and taking care of oneself is a necessity. Staying in a routine, keeping exercise, and finding creative ways to socialize are great ways to keep those ‘Phins up.

    All in. All one. All Dolphins.

    Devin Simmons '20

    Marketing Major, Communications Minor

    Category: Student Voices