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    Photo Steve Laureti

    February 11, 2021

    Saying "Yes" to Life

    Steve Laureti ’11 believes that in life it’s often the chances we didn’t take that we most regret. That’s why Laureti makes it his practice to “say yes” whenever possible. He’s put his expertise in finance and information systems to work selling real estate, flipping houses, and at the Madison County Sheriff’s Office, where he serves as the director of administration. When the Le Moyne alumnus was asked recently to serve the hometown he loves as a member of Oneida’s Common Council, he didn’t hesitate. Laureti is also an accomplished pianist who has performed all over the East Coast. Put simply, he is not afraid to push himself out of his comfort zone.


    “Life is short, so I want to experience everything I can,” he says. “I love business and I love being able to help people, which is why I think all of my jobs are so interesting. In the end, someone always benefits from the work my colleagues and I are doing.”


    Whether he is solving a fiscal puzzle in the Sheriff’s Office, listening to a constituent at a Common Council meeting, or performing one of his favorite Billy Joel songs, Laureti is committed to building his community. After all, it shaped him; made him the person he is today. Laureti acknowledges that we live in an age in which many young people seek to leave smaller communities like Oneida for large metropolises. He understands it. But personally, he’s found tremendous meaning and purpose in the very neighborhood where he grew up.


    Laureti draws his understanding of what it means to be part of a community in large part from his family. His father served as a police officer in Oneida for decades, and he witnessed the countless ways in which he served others. Laureti’s understanding of what it means to be part of a community also stems from his time at Le Moyne. His education taught him to be nimble, self-sufficient and to manage time effectively. And, of course, it gave him a tremendous understanding of his field – finance. But it was more than that. A decade after his graduation, Laureti has found that he can go anywhere and meet any Le Moyne graduate from any class, and talk to that person like they’ve known each other forever. That ability to build camaraderie with others serves him well in his work today.    


    “Professional success is enjoying your career,” he says. “Personal success is doing what you love. I think if you can combine the two, that is success.”

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