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    October 22, 2021

    Mirroring the Values We Hold

    College is so much more than life in the classroom. It’s about discovering who you are, your passion for life and how you see your future. It’s about the relationships you build, the values you hold dear and the mark you’ll make in our world. At Le Moyne, we get it! We not only say Greatness meets Goodness—we live it everyday. That is why we have developed the Manresa program.  One of the program's defining features is the Manresa Mentor - faculty and staff from across all parts of the College who work with our students throughout their time in the program to build a lifetime of connections and relationships.

    Meet some of our mentors


    Stefon works in the Communications & Film Studies department as a creative media manager. Stefon graduated from Le Moyne in 2014 and has been working here since 2018, where he works with WLMU, Communications Club, and LCTV. A mentor since 2019, Stefon appreciates that Manresa is a powerful reflection and navigation tool from college to the professional world. “The activity that is most impactful is the meeting check in. Students appreciate an outlet to vent and reflect on the time since last meeting they gain their own perspective on how the semester is progressing, there is a benefit to vocalizing your own progress and overcoming your personal, academic, and educational challenges. Become You is my favorite seminar, it's a place in the program where students critically think about the direction they may want to take or not take in regards to their professional goals.”


    Tracy has been at Le Moyne since 2015 and currently serves as an alumni coordinator with the Alumni office. She also is on the COVID-19 response team and employee forum. Tracy has led four Manresa cohorts since 2017, and appreciates that Manresa can be a place for fellows to partake in self-exploration. “Manresa allows students to have a safe space to explore who and what they'd like to be personally, spiritually, and professionally. It has been an honor to watch them grow!”


    Dr. Beaty is a professor in the Chemistry department (entering her 25th year!) and serves as the director of Core Curriculum. Dr. Beaty has been leading Manresa since the very beginning (2016), and has led six cohorts to date! She enjoys the ability of Manresa to connect academics with outside interests. “All students bring personal experiences and non-academic interests to their academic activities, whether consciously or unconsciously. In Manresa, students can acknowledge the value and importance of all of their interests and talents, and start to develop a holistic view of a future that involves all aspects of themselves.”


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