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    Photo Grace Fallon

    November 24, 2015

    Le Moyne Introduces New FNP Program

    Le Moyne recently introduced a new program to prepare individuals to become family nurse practitioners (FNPs).

    For the past 50 years, nurse practitioners have been the primary care providers for millions of Americans. FNPs are uniquely skilled primary care providers who work collaboratively to manage the health care needs of diverse individuals and families across the lifespan, in a variety of practice settings.

    With the advent of the Affordable Care Act, FNPs are poised to meet the challenge of providing comprehensive, high quality, and cost effective care for the millions of previously uninsured people who are entering the health care marketplace.

    The Le Moyne FNP program offers a full- and part-time course of study for bachelor’s-prepared registered nurses licensed in New York state. These programs include 35 credits of didactic coursework and nine credits of clinical coursework (totaling 810 hours). Graduates of the program receive a Master of Science in nursing and FNP certification in New York state, and are eligible to sit for national certification. A part-time, post-master’s FNP certificate is also available to eligible candidates who will receive an individualized program of study.

    Graduates of Le Moyne’s FNP program are trained to provide excellent community-based primary care to diverse, underserved and vulnerable populations.

    Among the members of Le Moyne’s FNP program is Grace Fallon, a Central New York native whose mother, Meg Marnell, is a family nurse practitioner and who was called to the profession at an early age.

    “Growing up as a nurse practitioner’s daughter, I viewed health care and human life in a very respectful, special and different way for which I will always be grateful,” she said. “I respect the art of medicine and cherish the beauty of the human body. Thanks to the support and encouragement I have received, I have become dedicated and empowered to become a family nurse practitioner.”

    A 2015 graduate of Le Moyne’s dual degree partnership in nursing program with St. Joseph’s Hospital, Fallon said that she looks forward to expanding the skills she’s gained as a registered nurse to her future role as a clinical nurse leader.

    “I consider it an honor to join the nursing profession at such a critical time, when leadership and values are urgently needed,” she said. “I will practice to the fullest extent possible while maintaining a clear focus on the basic tenet of nursing – caring for all individuals, healthy or ill, in a holistic manner.”

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