Management & Leadership

Successful entities in all fields (business, health care, human services, sciences, etc.) are managed well, bringing a wealth of opportunity to students in management and leadership education. In general, a management and leadership education ...

  • Will give students an overall understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in helping organizations meet their performance goals and deliver their services
  • Will expose students to the skills and competencies needed for collaborative teamwork, effective supervision, strategic planning and decision making, entrepreneurship, human resource management/development, and for innovation and leading change

What is the value of pursuing management and leadership education at Le Moyne College?

  • Beyond what any good management and leadership program will offer, the one at Le Moyne is informed by the principles and values of the 470-year-old tradition of Jesuit education, which is dedicated to the integral development of the whole person, a rigorous commitment to excellence, and a commitment to building a more just and sustainable world through the service of others.
  • In addition to being prepared to perform a wide variety of organizational functions, gradiates of the management and leadership students are deeply invested in serving both their employers and society as a whole. In this respect, management and leadership involve sustainability and stewardship … taking care of the present and the future in one’s life, relationships, organization and planet.
  • We believe that leadership is primarily an art, rather than a science, and involves the exercise of substantial judgment, creativity and style. Educating leaders requires significant attention to both general principles and theories, and the development of the individual. This includes building interpersonal and small group skills, gaining awareness of one’s strengths, weaknesses and values, and becoming motivated to learn continuously through  experience.
  • At Le Moyne, management and leadership education is not limited to reading books, but occurs in a rich and engaging array of experiential learning formats consistent with the Jesuit value for promoting reflection in action. Our pedagogy is enriched with simulations, cases, role plays, internships, team projects, and guest lecturers, and our courses are taught by a faculty whose own business experience brings history and reality to the classroom every day.
  • At Le Moyne, students of management and leadership study in a values-rich environment where personal integrity and ethics are the foundation of life.