About the Faculty

What lies at the heart of a Le Moyne education? Our faculty. They don’t just know their fields; they know their students. They work side by side with them, encouraging, challenging and inspiring them every day. They can speak to their students’ successes in the classroom, and to their dreams for the future. These educators – including Fulbright scholars, award-winning authors, and highly regarded researchers – spark their students’ imaginations. They teach them to ask questions, to think deeply, and to look beyond the apparent. In addition, they model what it means to do well by doing good through their engagement with communities locally and abroad, working to improve early childhood literacy in Syracuse and to combat AIDS in the Republic of South Sudan. Le Moyne faculty members are innovative leaders and engaged scholars who see teaching and learning for what they truly are: deeply human interactions.

Meet Our Faculty


Every day at Le Moyne College, faculty are transforming the world through their teaching, research, and service. Please take a moment to discover some of the meaningful contributions they are making on campus, in the local community, and around the world.

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2021 Faculty Convocation Award Recipients
Delia Popescu, Ph.D. - The Joseph C. Georg Endowed Professorship
Ruth K. Arena, B.F.A.The Caroline Fitzgerald Outstanding Part-Time Faculty Member of the Year Award
C. Tabor Fisher, Ph.D.The Rev. Robert E. O’Brien, S.J., Service Award
Anna Y. O'Brien, Ph.D.The Louis D. DeGennaro, Ph.D., Undergraduate Mentor Award
Renee Downey Hart, Ph.D.The Beatrice Robinson, Ph.D., Advisor of The Year Award
Elena Rodríguez-Guridi, Ph.D.The Msgr. A Robert Casey Teacher of the Year Award
Lara R. DeRuisseau, Ph.D.The Rev. Richard M. McKeon, S.J., Scholar of the Year Award
Kristine Cervantes, P.T., D.P.T., G.C.S.The Graduate Mentor of the Year Award

Their Work


Photo Matt Chiorini

Matt Chiorini

Department of Visual and Performing Arts / 2015

Professor Matt Chiorini's play "Orson Welles/Shylock" was staged in Venice.

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Photo Matt Chiorini

Matt Chiorini

/ 2016

They either think of him as the genius behind Citizen Kane and War of the Worlds

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Photo Martha Grabowski

Martha Grabowski

/ 2015

“Near-term high-impact technology developments are already here … "

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. Early Childhood Literacy

For five years, Le Moyne professors and students have sought to answer this question: If the parents of very young children were regularly provided with books at no cost, would they spend more time reading to their sons and daughters? -

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. Researching the Rainforest in Costa Rica

Earlier this year, Environmental Science Systems Professor Larry Tanner and two Le Moyne students traveled to Costa Rica to study the carbon dynamics of reforestation in the mountain cloud forests of the Central American country.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. A Global Approach to Business Education

The Madden School is utilizing the network of nearly 200 Jesuit colleges and universities from around the world to educate its students.

Faculty Spotlight

Why We Do What We Do

What do a Mark Twain scholar, a biochemist, and a filmmaker have in common? What motivates them – or any of us, for that matter – in their work? And why is that motivation – that thing which moves them to reread one of Twain’s stories (again), return to the lab to study a cell’s development, or continue to search for the perfect shot – important? Read our stories

A Way of Life

"If you want to love your work - and you do, if you want to be a good teacher, because love is contagious - you sometimes need to reflect on why you fell in love with it in the first place." - Miles Taylor, Ph.D., associate professor of English