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How will a Le Moyne education shape you?

Put simply, it will provide you with the intellectual skills necessary to succeed in the world and the capacity to use your abilities to promote a more just society.

We Take Your Education Seriously

As a student on the Heights, you'll have the opportunity to study abroad, engage in meaningful service-learning projects and complete internships in fields of interest to you, all which will expose you to a variety of perspectives, cultures and ideas. You'll test your skills and interests against the day-to-day reality of a job, and you'll maximize your potential to do the most good in this world.

Big Things Await You

College is about so much more than the four walls of a classroom. It's where memories are made, firendships are formed, and lifelong passions are pursued.

Life on Campus

By the Numbers

97% of recent graduates report being employed or in graduate school within 6 months of graduation.

Top 20 North Regional Universities. – U.S. News and World Report

12:1 Student-to-faculty ratio

At Le Moyne College, you will find a world-class education with expert faculty.

Ethics and Self-Discovery

As a Jesuit institution, we are dedicated to creating a more just and ethical society. This commitment shapes the classes and the activities we offer and the opportunities you'll have on The Heights. We also have special events throughout the year focused on understanding the role that ethics plays in your life.

Global Connections

Have you ever dreamed of immersing yourself in another culture, experiencing the world through the eyes of a community so very different from your own? Are you excited to learn and live with others who also want to make a difference in the world, whether it’s across the street or across the globe? Our network of 180+ Jesuit colleges and universities around the globe provides unlimited opportunities to explore the world.

Our Mascot

Meet Iggy the dolphin! Named after St. Ignatius, a nod to our Jesuit heritage, Iggy's favorite colors are green and gold (naturally). Why a dolphin? Syracuse, NY was named after Siracusa, Italy, a seaside city. And it's by no coincidence that dolphins are famous for their tenderness and known for traveling alongside people on their journeys.

Holding Doors is a Thing Here

At Le Moyne College, it’s remarkable how often you’ll find people holding a door open for a fellow student, staff, or faculty member. (It can feel quite odd at first!) But here’s the thing - this small act of kindness is indicative of the type of care and support you’ll find in every corner of our campus, a defining aspect of being a Le Moyne Dolphin.

Preview Dolphy Day, our annual celebration of springtime.

Explore how Greatness meets Goodness here on the Heights.