Did you realize that dolphins are actually similar to us? They are amicable and lovable, and studies prove that dolphins are one of the most clever creatures on earth!

Here at Le Moyne, you will continuously hear our saying: “Phins don’t swim alone.”

Iggy at a Basketball GameOur Dolphin (named Iggy!) establishes a positive environment for students to have a sense of belonging on campus. Representing “love and tenderness,” Iggy reminds us to be “friendly toward man” and to ensure no one is ever left behind.

As college students, we often forget that college isn’t all about submitting our assignment by 11:59 pm. Our mascot reminds us to have a good time and make every second count, and encourages all to branch out and meet new people.

Our time in school is also about creating key memories with others that we can forever cherish. Around campus, you will see how active Iggy is. His energy is always UNMATCHED, whether greeting students, taking selfies, or even bursting out some amazing dance moves.

Iggy’s outgoing personality is always accompanied with a high five and hugs. You can never expect what he will be up to next, but you can guarantee he’ll put a huge smile on all of our faces.

Janiah Cavil ’23
Marketing & Management Leadership