Le Moyne College’s IRB has added a new course to our subscription to the CITI Program. It is a six module course that provides the latest information on maintaining a safe environment for all campus activities during the COVID-19 pandemic. It also has elective modules for conducting human subjects research, working with patients as subjects who are infected or are suspected of being infected, and the safe reopening of animal labs.

This is a valuable resource for all members of the Le Moyne community. Other than stating that you have read the content or watched the video for each module, there are no quizzes for this course. Therefore, taking this course is not required for submitting an application to the IRB, and you do not have to include a completion certificate with your application.


Access to the COVID-19 course:

1. For those who do not have a CITI Program account, please follow these directions for registering with the Program:

·       Visit www.citiprogram.org and click on the Register Button in the upper right corner of the homepage.  You will then be guided through a series of seven steps to complete your registration.

·       If you are only interested in taking the COVD-19 course, please follow these instructions for Step 7: Step 7 has a series of 11 questions. To register only for the COVOD-19 course, you only need to answer Question 11.  You should select the “Yes” option for this question and then click the “Submit” button.  You will be directed to your Main Menu page. The course should be included in your list of courses on this page and be ready for you to use.

2.      If you are already registered at CITI, please follow the directions below for adding the COVID-19 course to your list of courses.

a.       Visit www.citiprogram.org and log into your account.

b.      Click on “View Courses” next to your institution’s name from your Main Menu page.

c.       Click on “Add a course” below the Learner Tools section.

Locate the “COVID-19: Back to Campus (Fall 2020)” course on the “Select Curriculum” page. It is Question 11 at the bottom of the page. Click on the “Yes” button and submit your response. The course should now be included in your list of courses on the Main Menu page of your account and be ready for you to use.


IMPORTANT: This course will be available free to the College only until September 30, 2020. If you are interested in completing this course, you will need to do so before that date.

About the Institutional Review Board
Students and faculty planning to conduct research with human subjects must receive approval from the Le Moyne College Institutional Review Board (IRB). There are three categories of review: Exempt, Expedited, and Full Review, and the category of an application depends on the level of risk for the research participants. 
The IRB will only accept applications from faculty, student, and administrative researchers who have successfully completed the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) Program online training course on human research subjects protection. Faculty sponsors of student researchers must also complete the relevant CITI Program course.  All researchers and sponsors must include a copy of the completion report for their course when submitting their application. Instructions for registering for the appropriate CITI program course can be found here: CITI Instructions; please follow these instructions carefully as you complete the registration process. The instruction document takes you through Step seven of the CITI registration process, which contains 10 questions related to the particular CITI course(s) that you wish to register for; these questions contain all the courses currently available through the Le Moyne College subscription. The IRB requires only that researchers complete the relevant basic course in their field (Question 1 in Step 7). The remaining questions in Step 7 may be skipped (or you may respond “no” / “not at this time”) as long as: (i) your department / program does not require any additional training; (ii) you are not renewing CITI certification via a refresher course; and (iii) you do not have any other role on the IRB. PLEASE NOTE:

  • If you are completing CITI training for the first time, you must take the basic course in your research field--that is, the basic course for Biomedical Research Investigators, Social & Behavioral Research Investigators, or Educational Researchers (Question 1 in Step 7 of the registration process). Do not register for a refresher course (Question 2) if you are completing CITI training for the first time.
  • The refresher CITI course  (Question 2) is reserved for those researchers who completed a CITI basic course in the past and whose certification is set to expire or recently expired. The IRB will not accept completion certificates for refresher courses from researchers completing CITI training for the first time.
  • The Responsible Conduct of Research course is an optional course that a researcher may take in addition to the basic course. The IRB will not accept completion certificates for the Responsible Conduct of Research course in lieu of the basic CITI course.


Contact the IRB at irb@lemoyne.edu

Important Changes:

The contact phone number for the IRB has changed as of August 2019: the new number is 315-445-4573. All consent forms submitted for approval must have the new phone number on it.

Co-Chairs 2019-20

Dr. Paul Blackley, Dept. of Economics
Dr. Mary Zampini, Dept. of Foreign Languages & Literatures

Institutional Review Board Members 2019-20

Dr. Mitchell Franklin, Dept. of Accountingg
Mr. Mark Godleski, Assistant Dean for Student Development
Dr. Kara Evans, Dept. of Nursing
Dr. Christopher Morley, SUNY Upstate Medical University (outside member)
Dr. Robert White, Dept. of Education
Dr. Whitney Wood, Dept. of Psychology
Mya Walters (student member)

IRB Spring 2020 Meetings

Tuesday, February 4, 2020
Tuesday, March 3, 2020
Tuesday, March 31, 2020
Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Form Cs must be submitted one week prior to the meeting dates in order to be considered at that meeting. Form As and Bs have no deadline; they are accepted on a rolling basis and reviewed in the order received.
Send all application materials as an email attachment, including a scanned copy of the signed Form A/B/C, to irb@lemoyne.edu. Unsigned forms will not be accepted.

In order to have their application reviewed, researchers must submit all of the following:
  • The signed Form A/B/C
  • Research Outline
  • All recruitment materials in their final form, including fliers and/or emails/letters to be sent to potential participants
  • All consent forms in their final form
  • All surveys in their final form (or a list of initial questions for semi-structured interviews)
  • A clickable link to online consent forms and surveys (if applicable)
  • Signed administrative consent letters for projects that intend to recruit subjects and/or collect data at a site outside the College (if applicable)