Le Moyne’s intellectual liberal arts hub.

Award-winning faculty. Wide-ranging degree and academic programs. Part-time study options. An academic nucleus for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Le Moyne’s Carroll College of Arts and Sciences is home to:

  • Nearly 30 majors and more than 20 minors
  • Courses ranging from Writing 101 to honors seminars to organic chemistry to calculus
  • Two Academic Centers
  • Philosophers, cutting-edge scientists, radio show hosts and best-seller wanna bes 

Where Artists & Playwrights Meet Physicists, Psychologists & Coders

The Carroll College of Arts & Sciences offers diverse, thought-provoking programs.

Meet Your Major

All students get to experience the Le Moyne core curriculum, but the Carroll College of Arts & Sciences offers the most majors and minors on campus. The broad range includes the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences and visual and performing arts.

Meet Your Faculty

Le Moyne’s Carroll College of Arts & Sciences faculty have been on stage, in books, on TV, led conferences, changed minds and traveled with students all over the globe. They are award-winning writers, researchers, activists, and educators.

Meet Your Graduate School

The Carroll College of Arts & Sciences offers graduate degrees in arts administration and through a variety of partnerships with law schools, Syracuse University’s (SU) iSchool and other highly reputable schools.

Be ACTIVE. Explore your options, take any classes you’re interested in, stay on track with your core curriculum and talk to anyone and everyone you can about what they’re doing and why they like it; try to take steps towards a specific program of study ahead of time.”

Claire Nakoski ‘17
Statue of St. Ignatius

Carroll College of Arts & Sciences by the Numbers

30 Majors

20+ Minors

15 Departments

Centers at the Carroll College of Arts & Sciences

The Carroll College of Arts & Sciences is home to the Center for the Study of Environmental Change and the Center for Urban and Regional Applied Research. 

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