Clubs and Organizations

The Council for the Advancement of Standards recognizes that, “Theory of involvement contends that the amount of energy--both physical and psychological--that students expend at their institution positively affects their development during college. Students who are involved in campus life also devote considerable energy to their academic programs, spend considerable time on campus, participate actively in student organizations, and interact frequently with other students. Campus activities is one of the vehicles for involving students with the institution.”

The Campus Life and Leadership office works with various student groups on campus to provide students with these opportunities through cultural, educational, social, spiritual, and recreational programs and activities throughout the academic year. Participation in these clubs, as well as many of the activities they plan, provide Le Moyne students with first-hand experience in leadership, organizational development, management, decision-making, diversity, and planning.

Many other offices on campus help to support the programming efforts of student clubs including Campus Life and Leadership Office, SODEXO, Classroom Services, Event Management, Physical Plant, and Security. The policies and procedures established by the Campus Life and Leadership office apply to all student clubs and organizations.

Clubs and Organizations

Academic goals cannot be achieved without the development of the student’s total personality. Since the majority of a student’s time is spent outside of the classroom, extracurricular and co-curricular activities serve as valuable partners with academics in the enhancement of the total college experience. Clubs and organizations provide opportunities for students to meet and interact with others who share their interests. They also provide opportunities for students to explore new interests.

Le Moyne College reserves the right to register groups of Le Moyne students who wish to create formal clubs or organizations.

Le Moyne’s policy is to encourage free discussion of issues as part of the educational process. Organized advocacy of a position violating the College’s Catholic tradition is not endorsed or funded by the College. Registration of a student club or organization by Le Moyne College is an acknowledgment that the organization has complied with registration procedures. The College will grant all rights and privileges accorded every registered club or organization.

Any group of 10 or more Le Moyne students wishing to register as a College club or organization must begin by submitting a constitution (delineating the club’s purpose, membership, etc.) to the Organizational Finance and Review Committee (OFRC), a standing committee of the Student Government Association.

A club Constitution provides basic democratic principles and ensures the integrity of the organization, a group must demonstrate that it has developed a sound constitution as shown by inclusion of the following:

-Purpose clearly articulated and accurately descriptive of the group’s function free and democratic election of officers

-Clearly articulated procedures for removal of officers

-Voting membership and officers limited to currently enrolled students

-Specific definition of voting members

-Procedure for amendment of the constitution

-Reference to bylaws or other relevant documents that will govern the group’s activities

OFRC reviews the constitution to assure that the club’s or organization’s purpose is congruent with the goals and ideals of the College. Final approval for registration rests with the associate provost for student development. More information on the steps necessary in creating a student club can be found in the By Laws of the Organizational Finance and Review Committee

Students are encouraged to create new clubs and organizations in compliance with established guidelines when existing clubs do not address a particular need. Those interested in establishing a new club or organization should arrange to meet with the director of campus life and leadership for assistance.


The proposed club or organization must also submit to OFRC a list of officers and members for the proposed club or organization and the name of the faculty member or administrator who will serve as the moderator.

Registration of a student organization implies that the College approves of the organization’s constitution and bylaws; however, such registration does not necessarily imply College approval or endorsement of the particular point(s) of view of the group.

Students on academic probation are prohibited from serving as members and/or officers of recognized clubs and organizations during the period of their probation as determined by their academic dean.

Student Government Association (SGA)

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the formally recognized “voice of the students.” Under the leadership of an executive board (president, vice president, secretary and comptroller), elected at large by the student body, the SGA assures formal student input into the College’s policy-making process. Committees responsible to the SGA include the Le Moyne Student Programming Board (LSPB), Organizational Finance and Review Committee (OFRC), Student Affairs Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, Commuter Affairs Committee and the Multicultural Affairs Committee.

The SGA assumes responsibility and power for student-life policy legislation. It is responsible for initiating or being consulted on general student-life legislation, judicial procedures, residence hall policy and the selection of candidates for many administrative offices. The SGA is also responsible for naming members of the student body to serve on any College committee where student representation has been specified.