Community Standards

Students are expected to act responsibly, with sensitivity and in good taste. They are expected to accept the consequences of their actions in all phases of their lives. In their social behavior they should consider their own well-being and that of others and the College. As members of the Le Moyne College community, both graduate and undergraduate students are expected to abide by the rules and regulations published in this handbook or adopted by the College from time to time. These rules, which protect the rights of individuals, require that students take responsibility for their behavior.

Statement of Values

As an institution of higher learning in the Jesuit tradition, Le Moyne College is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of life. The College recognizes that a values-based education is a part of its mission, and that a community atmosphere informed by values is necessary to the achievement of its academic mission.

Le Moyne College firmly states that the following are the values upon which its communal life is built and which students must adopt as their own. Because of the importance Le Moyne attaches to these values, each person who agrees to be a part of the Le Moyne College community must concur with and abide by these values. The values that Le Moyne finds to be essential to its nature and mission, and to which it commits itself and asks all members of its community to adhere to, are:

1. A belief in the potential for excellence in each person. This conviction requires an environment that both supports and challenges the development of human capabilities.

2. An affirmation of a belief in every individual’s basic integrity and responsibility, and an affirmation of the process of community based on the human capacity to love, respect and work with one another for personal, intellectual and social improvement.

3. An acceptance of a belief in the importance of individual hard work for developing one’s intellectual capacities in conjunction with physical, social and spiritual growth.

4. A recognition of the need to strive to reach these stated values and to overcome the inclinations that generate human exploitation, dishonesty, violence, and the mental and physical abuse of one’s self and others.

5. An avowal of the importance of the individual and of individual differences that prompt the need for personal attention, concern and respect.

6. A statement of the need for order, cleanliness and beauty in the social and physical environment in order to encourage development and growth.

It is the College’s firm position that the maintenance of an environment in which these values are upheld will afford all members of the College community the opportunity to achieve their potential as human beings. Furthermore, the College believes that it is the responsibility of each member of the learning community to assure that these values continue to enrich the life of the College and the lives and conduct of each member of the College community.

Students who have any information regarding policy violations should contact a campus life and leadership staff member, security and/or the assistant dean for student development.


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