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    No matter where you are on your career path, the Office of Career Advising and Development is here to provide helpful resources and opportunities. We understand that each Dolphin is unique and we work to develop a personalized plan that encompasses one's passions, skills and opportunities. Stop by or call our office and we will help you put a plan in place.

    Hey, World! Here are the Dolphins of 2018!

    The members of the Class of 2018 are set to make their mark on the world. Some will be heading back to the classroom to study medicine Georgetown University, public administration at Columbia University, bio-geo-chemistry at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and law at the University of William and Mary. Many will be entering the workforce, crunching the numbers at “Big Four” accounting firm EY, spreading the magic at the Walt Disney Co., and taking part in the early career development program at Lockheed Martin. Others will be enlisting as officers in U.S. Army and serving their fellow man in the Peace Corps. Whatever they do, these Dolphins will build lives rooted in meaning and success.

    Introducing DolphinsWork

    Student's source for all things career.
    DolphinsWork keeps you up to date with the latest career search tools, tips and technology. Access is free to all Le Moyne students, alumni and college community members. Community partners can post jobs, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities directly to DolphinsWork. Get started here!

    Integrating Learning, Meaning, Calling and Career


    College is so much more than life in the classroom. It’s about discovering who you are, your passion for life and how you see your future. It’s about the relationships you build, the values you hold dear and the mark you’ll make in our world. At Le Moyne, we get it! We not only say Greatness meets Goodness—we live it everyday. That is why we have developed the Manresa program.

    A one of a kind program, Manresa works to complement your academic experience with career development, personal growth and a desire for changing the world. When you graduate from Le Moyne, we want you to find a job in your field, but we also want you to embark on a career and life path filled with satisfaction.

    Check out the Manresa program. It’s a decision that will be with you a lifetime.

    Alumni Stories.

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. Striking the Right Chord in the Music Industry

    Joshua Redden ‘11, a former English major and HEOP/AHANA scholar, has always had a passion for giving voice to words. Now he wrestles with words in another way—working with labels like Motown, BET, and the GRAMMYs while producing his own music.

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. Making the Case for Leadership and Service

    As a counsel and attorney-at-law in the Office of the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Theominique Nottage ‘09 uses the interdisciplinary skills she learned as an undergrad while handling a variety of civil litigation cases for her home country.

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecte adipiscing elit. Guiding the Next Generation in Jesuit Education

    As Dean of Students at Regis High School, Kyle Mullins ‘09 is involved in the world of Jesuit education daily. Whether he is teaching an English class or working with student leaders, he is thoroughly involved with the next generation of Jesuit scholars.

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