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    We have all traveled the road of professional development, and know when it was helpful to have input from others and when we needed to discover direction for ourselves.

    College is a time of growth for students, and they need to learn how to move forward on their own. Career Advising can augment forward momentum by connecting students with available opportunities.

    Your student is on a journey at this time, and Career Advising works to facilitate the learning and skill development necessary to support forward movement and growth. As a parent or family member, it is important for you to hear what your student is telling you about their progress. It is important for you to know when to step in and add additional support and when to let your student learn independently. It is also important to encourage your student to take part in campus activities, search out experiential learning opportunities (job shadowing, internships, research opportunities, and more), and explore the options which lie ahead.

    Encourage your student to visit our offices and meet our staff. We are open Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 4:30PM in Reilly Hall 342. We offer many resources for students including résumé reviews, mock interviews, graduate school application reviews, and more.

    Students can also access opportunities on campus by logging into DolphinsWork. Their Le Moyne email address automatically links to a DolphinsWork account. Once logged in, they can search opportunities, see upcoming Career Advising events, and make appointments with one of our career counsellors. They can also email us directly at

    Le Moyne is a place where students can explore opportunities on campus as well, so make sure your student is also getting involved in clubs, campus events, and recreational and creative opportunities. Campus involvement and leadership is something future employers look for in prospective employees.

    Encourage your student to pursue a major which engenders passion within them. Majors do not necessarily determine future success. The ability to do well in a content area and the resulting success in classes and projects do. If a student can succeed in a major because of engagement, the knowledge and skills developed in a major can be applied to a number of different careers. Department curricula provide the intellectual training necessary to succeed post-graduation.

    Keep in mind certain professional fields do require specific courses to meet certifications and requirements (pre-med, nursing, accounting, engineering, for example), but these programs can be combined with minors in other areas to supplement a student’s desire to explore more fully their college academic and pre-professional experience.

    LinkedIn is an excellent tool to connect with other professionals, search potential jobs, and create a dynamic online image. Our LinkedIn guides will help you navigate your account, maintain your professional profile, and help you capitalize on potential connections and job opportunities. Explore our resources

    We are always looking for opportunities for our students to gain practical, real-world experience in the workplace. If you are interested in hosting a Le Moyne student in your workplace, please call our office at (315) 445-4185, email us at, or create a DolphinsWork account here


    Introducing DolphinsWork

    Student's source for all things career.
    DolphinsWork keeps you up to date with the latest career search tools, tips and technology. Access is free to all Le Moyne students, alumni and college community members. Community partners can post jobs, internships, and other experiential learning opportunities directly to DolphinsWork. Get started here!

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