Why an MBA in Leadership?

The MBA Leadership Program develops managers capable of making sound decisions in an increasingly complex world, and who combine the art and science of leadership with a global perspective. Students identify and analyze a wide spectrum of information from balance sheets to socio-cultural diversity, and practice using real-world inputs to think through and implement plans of action that lead organizations forward. Studies and analysis include the importance of ethical values and decision-making, as well as an understanding of the forces of globalization and cross-cultural knowledge in today’s complex business world. Our students benefit from coursework in organizational change, emotional intelligence and strategic leadership - allowing them to focus their leadership development on their past lived experiences, current international events and future opportunities for positive change.

The Curriculum

The 36-credit hour MBA in Leadership requires completion of core courses (18 credit hours), Jesuit value core courses (3 credit hours), leadershipspecific course requirements (12 credit hours) and a capstone research/project course (3 credit hours).  Course offerings are scheduled over two consecutive eight-week sessions each fall, spring and summer. The program can be completed within one year on a full-time basis. Students seeking part-time enrollment would complete in a longer period of time dependent on how many classes they wish to take in each semester.

Prerequisite courses may be required (these are not part of the 36 hours). Students who have graduated from the Madden School of Business are automatically waived from prerequisite coursework. Students with business degrees from other institutions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Prerequisites include STA 501, ACT 501, MIS 501 and ECO 501.


Core Courses

Required (9 credits):
• BUS 601 Ethics
• BUS 603 International Business
• FIN 601 Financial Management

Choose One: (3 credits) (Quantitative)
• ANL 601 Supply Chain Management
• MIS 601 Information Strategy and Management

Choose Two: (6 credits) (Qualitative)
• MKT 601 Marketing Management
• HRM 601 Human Resource Management
• BUS 602 Business Law

Jesuit Value Core Courses, Required: (1 credit each)
• JVC 601 Discernment in Decision Making for Business
• JVC 602 Sustainability
• JVC 603 Corporate Social Responsibility

MBA Leadership Specific Courses

Foundational Course (3 credit hours)
• LDR 601 Organizational Dynamics: Leadership

Electives (9 credit hours)
Students complete three of the following of six courses (additional electives may be developed):
• LDR 703 Leadership and Culture
▪ LDR 706 Leadership, Management & Humanities
▪ LDR 708 Lessons in Leadership
▪ LDR 711 Leading Organizational Change
▪ LDR 722 The Strategic and Creative Leader
▪ LDR 715 The Emotionally Intelligent Leader

Capstone Research / Project Course (3 credits)
• LDR 799 Strategic Leadership 

Theresa Renn