Leigh K. Fought

Leigh Fought

Associate Professor

Reilly Hall 402
Le Moyne College
1419 Salt Springs Road
Syracuse, NY 13214


(315) 445-4285


Associate Professor of History; U.S. History

Ph.D., University of Houston (2000)

The 1970s brought the American Bicentennial, the miniseries Roots, and the TV series Little House on the Prairie. My grandparents also took me to colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown, and more than one Civil War battlefield. This odd mix of patriotism, race, women’s history, and living history profoundly affected me as a little white girl growing up in the South. I discovered that there were many different pasts and their stories conflict with and complement one another, fascinating me and dooming me from an early age to become a historian. The media of history in which I have worked has varied from documents editor, to archivist, to living history museum interpreter all in the process of finding my purpose in the academic world of teaching, research, and writing. I have a Ph.D. in U.S. history from the University of Houston and a Master of Library Science degree from Simmons College in Boston.  If you want to find my work in print, look for Southern Womanhood and Slavery: A Biography of Louisa S. McCord (University of Missouri Press, 2003), who was not only a planter but a pro­slavery and anti­-woman’s rights essayist. If you prefer something lighter, shorter and with more pictures, try Mystic, Connecticut: From Pequot Village to Tourist Town (The History Press, 2006). I was also an editor of the first volume of Frederick Douglass’s Correspondence (Yale University Press, 2009). Ask me about him and you will probably learn more than you thought possible about Douglass and women, the subject of my recent book, Women in the World of Frederick Douglass (Oxford University Press, 2017).


  • World Civilizations I
  • World Civilizations II
  • U.S. History I
  • U.S. History II
  • U.S. Women's History
  • From Civil War to Civil Rights: African American History since 1865
  • Historical Research and Writing
  • Historical Methods
  • Internship Coordinator

Recent and Forthcoming Publications

Recent and Forthcoming Presentations

  • Keynote: "Frederick Douglass Across and Against Times, Places, Disciplines," Paris, France, 11-13 October 2018.
  • “Why Douglass Matters: A Bicentennial Conference,” Frederick Douglass Forum on Law, Rights, and Justice, Linfield College, Portland, Oregon, 27 April 2018.
  • “Frederick Douglass at 200,” 19th Century Americanists Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico, 22-25 March 2018.
  • Book Talk: Women in the World of Frederick Douglass, Montgomery College-Takoma Park, Silver Spring, Maryland, 22 February 2018.
  • "The Women of Cedar Hill," Frederick Douglass Annual Birthday Celebration, Frederick Douglass National Historic Park, Anacostia, D.C., 18 February 2018.
  • “Frederick Douglass: The Life Behind the Times,” Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, 16 February 2018.
  • Book Talk: Women in the World of Frederick Douglass, Rochester Public Library, Rochester, NY, 10 February 2018.
  • Book Talk: Women in the World of Frederick Douglass, Brooklyn Historical Society, New York, 11 December 2017.
  • "Frederick Douglass on the Grand Tour: A Black Man, His White Wife, and Western Civilization in Europe," British American Nineteenth-Century History Conference, Warwick, England, 6-8 October 2017.
  • Book Talk: Women in the World of Frederick Douglass, Onondaga Historical Association Book Club Discussion, Syracuse, NY, 24 September 2017.
  • Book Talk: Women in the World of Frederick Douglass, 2017 Convention Days, Women's Rights National Historic Park, Seneca Falls, 14 July 2017.
  • Discussion of Women in the World of Frederick Douglass, Gilder Lehrman Teacher Seminar, Yale University, 21 June 2017.
  • Book Talk: Women in the World of Frederick Douglass, Seward House Museum, Auburn, NY, 8 June 2017.
  • “Helen Pitts Douglass’s Civil War,” Women's History Month, Utica College, March 2017.
  • "What's in a Birthday?" Frederick Douglass Annual Birthday Celebration Keynote Address, Frederick Douglass National Historic Park, Washington, D.C., 18 Feb 2017.

Interviews and Other Media

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