Elliott Bazzano

Elliot Bazzano

Associate Professor

Reilly Hall 221
Le Moyne College
1419 Salt Springs Road
Syracuse, NY 13214


(315) 445-4364


Ph.D., University of California, Santa Barbara
Associate Professor (2013)
Elliott Bazzano is an Associate Professor in the Department of Religious Studies at Le Moyne College, where he teaches courses on Islam and comparative religion, as well as first-year seminars. He hopes that students leave his courses with a better appreciation of how to read texts, view the media, think clearly, and communicate with other people about mundane as well as heated topics. Professor Bazzano’s research focuses on the interplay of Qur’anic interpretation, polemics, and mysticism as well as identity and pedagogy in religious studies scholarship. His article “Normative Readings of the Qur’an: From the Premodern Middle East to the Modern West,” appears in The Journal of the American Academy of Religion (2016) and “Muslim in the Classroom: Pedagogical Reflections on Disclosing Religious Identity” in Teaching Theology in Religion (2016). Bazzano published two articles in Religion Compass (2015) on Syrian polymath Ibn Taymiyya, “Ibn Taymiyya Radical Polymath, Part I: Scholarly Perceptions” and “Ibn Taymiyya, Radical Polymath, Part II: Intellectual Contributions.” He has authored a book chapter, “Research Methods and Problems,” in The Bloomsbury Companion to Islamic Studies (2013, 2015), and several articles in the Encyclopedia of Global Religion (2011) and Encyclopedia of Muslim-American History (2010). Professor Bazzano regularly attends gatherings on Jesuit education and pedagogy and has presented his research at national and international conferences, in North America, Europe, and Asia. Bazzano serves on the Steering Committee for the Study of Islam Section in the American Academy of Religion. He also remains committed to interfaith work both inside and outside the classroom, writes for the Wabash Center blog Teaching Islam, and hosts podcasts for New Books in Islamic Studies. In addition to finding inspiration in the mystical percolations of the Sufis, including coffee (pun intended), he finds his deepest wonder and joy in the miracle of his two daughters who offer him limitless possibilities for contemplating the mysteries of the universe.

You can access some of his publications, as well as his CV, at his academia.edu page.

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