There’s no doubt about it. A college degree is a serious investment.

During the past several years, Le Moyne has worked tirelessly to contain costs while providing our students with an excellent education. In fact, the College commits more than $45 million annually to financial aid, which is used to help 95 percent of our students.The average financial aid for the freshmen class is $25,030, an amount that includes Le Moyne scholarships, need-based grants from the College, and federal and state grants and loans. The College has earned recognition from the editors at Barron's and U.S. News & World Reports as one of America's "Best Buys in College Education."

There are a number ways in which you can receive help financing your education, including loansscholarshipsgrants and work-study opportunities. The College awards numerous merit-based and program- or major-based endowed scholarships, as well as athletic scholarships. 

How much will it cost?
2021/22 Undergraduate Costs


Estimated expenses for the average undergraduate student for the academic year:


Cost Description
$35,610  Tuition
$1,000 Comprehensive Fee (covers Orientation, Activity, Health, Technology and Graduation)
$9,200 Room
$5,560 Board (Carte Blanche)
$2,690* Personal (Travel, Books, Misc.)


*Although students will not be billed by the College for these expenses, these figures provide a general guideline in determining expenses and are used to compute need for financial aid packages.


Graduate Costs


Interested in tuition & fees for graduate programs? Explore by graduate program of study