Phins Hospitality Has Arrived on The Heights!

Launch Tour of Campus Center

We are excited to announce that Aramark Collegiate Hospitality is our new hospitality and dining partner beginning this academic year. A trusted leader in the industry, we chose Aramark based on their ability to match our culture, community, programming and Jesuit tradition, with a focus on students.

With the introduction of ‘Phins Hospitality, our dining program will help our students enjoy a connected experience on campus that supports their academic pursuits. Some of the exciting new plans you can look forward to include:

  • Delicious culinary destinations to celebrate all cultures through diverse cuisine and inviting settings to bring our community together.
  • Increased convenience and flexibility with the introduction of new cashier-less retail sites on campus. 
  • New programs, platforms and nutritional resources designed to support your dietary requirements, mental health and well-being.
  • The ultimate fan experience with new Dolphin gameday concessions.
  • Broadened community-building activities for our entire campus community. 
  • New sustainability efforts that emphasize increased local sourcing of food.