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    Ignatius Loyola at Le Moyne College

    July 23, 2022

    Getting the Most out of Your Campus Visit…

    Visiting a college campus can be the most exciting part about deciding where to go to school; but it can also be the most nerve-wracking. All that pressure builds to one huge question: “Can I see myself here?” There are so many things to consider like campus community life, programs and classes, professors, campus facilities… especially the dining situation. How do you figure it all out as you’re exploring a college campus for the first time? Here at Le Moyne, you can expect a visit that you won’t forget - and you’ll have so many people offering to help you along on your journey. Here are 4 tips to jumpstart your visit to Le Moyne.

    1. Explore Le Moyne ahead of time

      Take a virtual tour of our campus and note any places you may want to visit or ask your tour guide about. Download a campus map to your phone so you can find your way around when you arrive.

    2. Make a list before you come

      What specific things do you want to know about Le Moyne? Class sizes? Academic departments? Where's the best place to grab a cup of coffee? There’s always so much going on at Le Moyne; sports games, visiting magicians, trivia nights, and tons of club events. Be sure to check out bulletin boards and flyers as you tour the campus. Also feel free to ask for or pick up a copy of our campus newspaper, The Dolphin, and poke around our blog, website, and Instagram and Twitter pages to see what we’re up to. List any questions, concerns, or interests you have. Don’t be afraid to ask your tour guide, admission counselor, or any student you might run into during your campus visit!

    3. Check out local culture

      “I wish I had known more about things to do off-campus in the area. As a freshman I didn’t know enough about Syracuse and fun things to do.” 

      Don't just look at events on campus; be sure to check out the local culture as well. There are plenty of great restaurants, music venues, coffee shops and stores in Syracuse if you want to get off campus and explore for a day. Go see a band at the Westcott Theater and get some food at Rise N Shine, or grab a Nutella Latte at Recess Coffee.

    4. Consider visiting more than once

      Ask an admission counselor about options for visiting in the spring. If overnight visits are offered, these can be really helpful for getting a true sense of student life. You’ll be placed with a current student for the night who can show you the campus, residence halls, and even take you to a campus activity--maybe ice skating on our outdoor rink in the winter, or to a live music performance on the quad in spring! This will give you a feel for the college and day-to-day life outside of an official tour or event.

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