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    Photo Joshua Redden

    January 23, 2017

    Striking the Right Chord in the Music Industry: Meet Joshua Redden ‘11

    Fostering a love of music and a passion for giving voice to words is for Joshua Redden ‘11 a “most rewarding experience.” A former English major and HEOP/AHANA scholar at Le Moyne, Joshua now wrestles with words in another way—working with labels like Motown, BET, and the GRAMMYs while producing his own music under the name Trent Park. While the music industry is often difficult to break into, Joshua’s passion, self-motivation, and creativity have let him flourish and grow as a professional.

    What did you love about Le Moyne?

    I love environments that expose you to opportunity, equip you to take it on, and then help you prepare for the next challenge. Le Moyne was a refreshing place where I met staff, faculty and friends to guide me into my identity. I was trusted with offices to experience leadership roles, a stage to sing on, a field to pretend to play rugby on, and a campus where I could find myself. I will always support my alma mater and am proud that it's part of my story.

    What did you learn from Le Moyne College that helps you in your current career?

    The people that teach you most are not the ones you assume. It could be a stranger's presentation in class, or a faculty member, or someone you meet at a social place outside the classroom. Le Moyne made me appreciate the things outside of the classroom and to apply my perspective to the world around me. The faculty allowed me to reach a better version of myself. I started school as undecided, then wanted to be an English teacher, and have now evolved into a music industry professional. Le Moyne made me learn that my identity is fluid and that applied knowledge is the only way to become wise.

    What were you involved in that meant the most to you?

    I was involved with way too much in undergrad, but I never would've been able to do any of it if it wasn't for the HEOP/AHANA program. I was able to have a proper education despite my financial income and despite my resume; the program saw the best in me and allowed me to rise to it. It challenged me [to understand that] the mind is thirsty for knowledge and I must be the one to take it. It encouraged me to know that my skin color is not a limitation, but a visual reminder [of] where I come from, [and] the people [who] fight for what they deserve.

    What does a typical day look like for you?

    I'm blessed to be able to live in the city I've dreamed of (Los Angeles) and work in the industry of my passion (music). I have had a most colorful experience in the music industry working for labels like Motown, to production for companies like BET and The GRAMMYs, to studio sessions with top music producers, to being an artist performing around the nation. Working in music is an alternative style of work, so each day, week, and month can vary, but it is all consistent in the love of music. My primary focus in my career is being a songwriter. To take on different characters when you write a song is the most fun for me. I love the act of producing something out of nothing. My accompaniment to that passion is vocals. To put a voice to words is by far a most rewarding experience. I have written for every kind of artist, in most genres, and different accomplishment levels. I'm currently gathering experience to create my own creative incubator studio and event space which will house creative professionals, equip them with techniques to succeed, and give them a platform to be noticed.

    What advice do you have for current students?

    You are not your degree. You are not your major/minor. You are not your GPA. Your friends, family or situation do not define you. You are YOU. You are a melting pot of different skills, desires, experience and whatever path you take on in life there is no wrong direction. Your journey is undefined. Trust your instinct and your gut. That is truly the only thing genuine about you and won't steer you wrong.

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