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    Alliison Herholtz

    September 18, 2019

    A Do What It Takes Attitude

    Allison Herholtz graduated in 2014, majoring in Marketing and Business Analytics. She is a Research Associate at KS&R, a Syracuse-based market research firm. She specializes in qualitative research and is a RIVA trained moderator. During her years at KS&R, she has had the opportunity to conduct research studies for some of the biggest companies in technology, entertainment, and non-profit space.  She plans to return to Le Moyne in January 2020 to pursue my MBA, part-time.

    Her path to her current position was one of tireless dedication.  A course her senior set her on her path: "During my senior year at Le Moyne, I took a course in market research that sparked my interest in the field; with my statistical background from business analytics courses, soft skills honed from management courses, and interest in branding and marketing, market research seemed like a natural fit for me." With that knowledge in hand, she begin to look for a position that would be a good fit: "When researching and applying for jobs during my second semester of senior year, I came across KS&R. It was the biggest and one of the only market research firms in Syracuse, at the time. I knew I wanted to work in Syracuse (born and raised), so after researching more about the company, I had my heart set that I was going to work there someday." That path wasn't an easy one for Allison. When a position opened, she interviewed five times, once with the hiring manager and four other subsequent sessions with the heads of different teams across KS&R. She relied heavily on her experience at Le Moyne to convey her fit and skills: "During my interviews, I spoke about my experience conducting a market research study in my capstone course, my passion for understanding consumer behaviors and natural abilities to effectively communicate with people from different backgrounds (I am a talker). Even though my experience was limited, I showed enough basic market research knowledge and personality in the interviews that KS&R decided I was a good fit; I was offered a job within the telecom team just three months after graduation."    

    Her advice to current students: "Find your passion and pursue it - relentlessly. Even if you don’t know what you’re passionate about yet, Le Moyne gives you the tools to explore and cultivate it. As a freshman at Le Moyne I remember having no idea what I wanted to do, outside of obtaining a basic business degree. By taking advantage of the array of different courses Le Moyne and the Madden School of Business offers and relying on the guidance of Professor Ierlan, I was able to find my passion. A ‘do what it takes’ attitude was imperative to get hired at KS&R; saying yes to and being prepared for all 5 interviews lead me to KS&R where I could pursue my passion for market research."

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