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    Photo Janiah Cavil

    April 20, 2022

    Tips for Enjoying Every Second of Your College Experience

    At Le Moyne, we emphasize the importance of cura personalis, or total mental, physical, and spiritual care. It is extremely important to take care of your whole self and commit to self-improvement. 

    Here are some tips that have helped me in the past to have a good school year:

    TRY to avoid procrastination. As a college student, I've discovered that we get so caught up in other things that we lose sight of our priorities and postpone them until later! Procrastination is not someone you want to befriend. For me, the keys to avoiding procrastination were consistency and organization. My best friend is a planner; breaking down your job into manageable chunks each day will always result in success!

    Building relationships with your professors. I understand that sometimes we just show up for class, take notes, finish the assignment, and then leave. However, it is also critical that you introduce yourself to your professors. Your professors want to get to know you as well as teach you. I now have mentors, excellent future references, and connections as well. All I had to do was push myself out of my comfort zone and introduce myself! You never know how much your professors contribute to your development until you introduce yourself.

    Believe in yourself. When we receive a lower-than-expected grade on an assignment, we can be harsh on ourselves. As a result, we become overwhelmed by negative emotions and lose hope. For me, it was necessary to accept that one bad grade at the beginning of the semester did not set the tone for the rest of the semester. In college, time flies by; one day squandered could have been a great day to do better!

    Have a healthy work-life balance. We are frequently so preoccupied with our academics and studying in college....that we forget to do the things we enjoy, such as branching out and meeting new people. So far, I've discovered that spending time with my peers has assisted me in reducing stress. I understand that we have limited free time as students, but one thing I always do is have lunch dates with my peers, which do not take up a large portion of my time. We find an afternoon that works for both of us and catch up on life, laugh, and RELAX! Lunch dates are without a doubt the highlight of my hectic day, or even week.

    Enjoy every second of your college experience, good or bad. You’ve got this!

    Janiah Cavil '23
    Marketing & Management Leadership

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