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    Photo Steve Gorczynski

    December 10, 2015

    Alumni Network Helps Make Connections for Recent Grads

    The strength and reach of Le Moyne’s vibrant alumni network is something that current students and recent graduates point to as one of the key benefits of being a dolphin.

    Two members of the class of 2015 can attest to that, as they were recently hired by M&T Bank after an initial connection was made by Steve Gorczynski ’90, administrative vice president of commercial banking at M&T Bank in Syracuse.

    Following graduation in May, Laura Hough, a business major, and Kerrigan Coyle, who majored in economics, were hired to be part of M&T’s Management Development Program. The 12-month program is based in Syracuse and offers tremendous room for career growth within the bank’s footprint in the mid-Atlantic region.

    “M&T is constantly looking for fresh talent, and recruiting new bankers from our local communities has always been a key driver of our success over the years,” said Gorczynski. “As a Le Moyne alum and a mentor within the Madden School of Business for the past three years, the thought of connecting M&T recruiters with Le Moyne’s Career Services area just came naturally to me.”

    The program that Hough and Coyle are part of requires the use of a lot of skills, something they both feel their Le Moyne experience prepared them well for.

    “The business classes I took with Dr. Dan Orne focused on case studies and we were pushed to think about issues in new ways,” Hough said. “Students were also able to challenge each others ideas and collaborate to solve the problem at hand. I can see the direct correlation between those classes and a project I am working on at work.”

    “Presentations are even more important in business than college,” said Coyle. “I'm thankful I was forced to present and made it one of my strongest skills. “

    While strong business and technical skills are important, Gorczynski said the well-rounded Jesuit education the College provides prepares graduates with the flexibility and overall skill set that is paramount in M&T's hiring process.

    “Technical abilities are obviously important, but good communication and soft skills are also critical,” he said. “M&T is highly committed to the communities it serves and it is important for new bankers to realize that the bank succeeds only when the communities around it prosper. As such our bankers -- entry level and veterans alike -- need to act with a sense of intense personal responsibility, with the knowledge that their actions can and do make a positive difference in their own backyards.”

    Gorczynski knows first hand how much his Le Moyne education can make a difference – he started out as an accountant, then made the switch to banking in the mid-1990s. “From the hard-core accounting classes to the various liberal arts courses that provided me with good communication and thinking skills, my training was very diverse across many spectrums… The well-rounded background of a Le Moyne education is very important, especially in an ever-changing industry like banking where adaptation skills are often needed.”

    Both Hough and Coyle are adjusting to the transition from student to professional, but enjoying the experience.

    “So far the most satisfying aspect has been the opportunities to make connections across the bank and form relationships with all of the people in the program,” said Hough. “These relationships helped ease me into the banking world and will be helpful in developing my career.”

    Coyle said the most satisfying part of his job is “…being in a trusted position at such a young age and educating people on personal finance, which will make their lives better. Also, I've been hugged after showing someone how to use the ATM.”

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