Le Moyne in a 360 View

We always say the best way to experience life on the Heights is to visit our campus and meet our welcoming community. But since that isn’t always possible, we’d love for you to check out our virtual tour to see where you’ll live, learn, play and experience life as a Dolphin!

My favorite tour question is what my favorite class has been at Le Moyne. This allows me to express how rich and diverse the academic programs are. My answer always is my COR 100 class, which focused on Classical Greek literature. What an amazing experience to have immense interest in the biological and chemical sciences but have a curriculum that allows me to develop interests in other fields such as classical literature.”

Anthony ‘23
St. Ignatius

Come see for yourself! We'd love to see you on the Heights soon!

I was nervous moving to the ‘big city’ from a small town, but the first thing I noticed at Le Moyne was how happy the Dolphins who helped us move in were. They were overjoyed when they saw a fellow classmate for the first time. I wondered, ‘How can they possibly be this happy?’  It didn't take long to learn how much I would come to cherish the friends I made at Le Moyne. They are still my best friends.”

Lauren ‘19
Statue of St. Ignatius
Iggy at a Basketball Game

"Iggy the Dolphin reminds us to have a good time, make

every second count and to branch out and meet new people."

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