Last night, at Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh’s annual state of the city address at Corcoran High School, the College’s ERIE21 program and work in the Salt Springs neighborhood was mentioned during his 60-minute talk.

“Former New York State Governor and U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said, ‘We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.’ Le Moyne College’s ERIE21 Program is a prime example of how we are building our youth for the future,” said Walsh. “ERIE21 is providing early interventions in middle school with continuous work in high school to help grow computational, software, and engineering skills. The program has served more than 600 city school students as well as a large group of adults through its careers in coding program.

Also mentioned was work to develop projects in the city neighborhoods, including the Salt Springs neighborhood, which was the focus of the LANDS strategic plan, a partnership between the city, the College and the Town of DeWitt. Walsh said “On the eastside, the growth of new mixed-use developments along the East Genesee and East Fayette corridors has transformed that part of town. Further east we are working hand and hand with Le Moyne College to strengthen the Salt Springs neighborhood. Home HeadQuarters held its annual block blitz there and multiple city departments are now working with Le Moyne on infrastructure in the area to make it more pedestrian and cycle friendly and inviting to homeowners.”

Walsh’s entire address can be found at this link, with the ERIE21 mention at the 19:15 mark and the Salt Springs neighborhood mention at the 31:30 mark. You can also read the entire text of the address here. The photo above was part of slide presentation that accompanied his address and shows graduates of the program’s first-ever Lock 4 cohort.