From your philosophy paper or lab report to your textual analysis or even your cover letter, the Le Moyne Writing Center reads it all. 

Nestled in the front of the Noreen Falcone Library between the QRC and Student Success Center, the Writing Center offers tutoring appointments and writing support resources for all students. Basically, we help with any writing you might find yourself doing while on the Heights. 

How to Make the Most of Your Writing Tutoring Appointment

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#1 Make an Appointment With Purpose

Schedule your appointment to give you enough time to meet with the tutor and revise your writing before your due date. Review the prompt and brainstorm your questions for the tutor – this might mean writing a first draft or reviewing your professor’s feedback.

#2 Come to Your Appointment Prepared

Bring your assignment prompt, any writing or brainstorming you have done and your questions for the tutor. If relevant, bring your instructor’s feedback, sources you are using, a primary text, etc.

#3 Be on Time and Ready to Work

Be prepared for your tutor to establish goals for what you want to accomplish and discuss during the session. Then, one of you will read whatever writing you have out loud. Both of you will then talk specifics – what worked and what could be improved. Remember: Writing is a lifelong skill to hone!

#4 Next Steps

As your session draws to a close, your tutor will confirm your goals have been met and the recommended next steps – maybe another draft is needed or just finishing touches. Once you wrap up, you’ll be asked to evaluate your session. See you next time!


No! Tutoring appointments at the Le Moyne Writing Center are free!

Log onto our online scheduler (, and select the “Writing Center” schedule from the drop-down. Find a tutor with “Face-to-Face” written under their name in the schedule if you want an in-person appointment – eTutoring if you are looking for that.

Available appointment slots are white. Click one to bring up the appointment pop-up window. Fill out the required information in that window – make sure to click “Meet Face-to-Face” if the tutor is also available for online and/or eTutoring appointments. Students can make only one hour of appointments a day (i.e., two 30-minute appointments or one 60-minute appointment) and only two hours of appointments a week.

Visit WCOnline at your appointment time, click on your appointment, and then select the red “start or join online consultation” text to enter the online meeting room. Your tutor will be in that meeting room and able to provide you with additional instructions at that point.

You’re always welcome to stop by; however, we prioritize working with writers who have made appointments in advance. If you have a last-minute request and you are in the library, check with the receptionist at the front desk, and they will help you.

Appointments are scheduled within 30 or 60-minute time slots. If your piece of writing is under 4 pages long, you and the tutor may be able to get through it in just 30 minutes. For anything longer, we recommend planning for an hour-long appointment. Sometimes tutors will need to end appointments several minutes earlier so that they can complete a session form.

Note: All eTutoring appointments are 60 minutes long.

We are happy to help you find a time that might work for you. Please contact us with your preferred days and times and the challenges you are having when looking for an open spot.

As long as it’s at least 60 minutes before your scheduled appointment, you can log back onto our online scheduler and cancel your appointment. If it’s under an hour, call us (315-445-6210) or send us an email to let us know that you won’t be able to come in. Students who don’t cancel their appointments in advance will be marked as a “no-show.” After three “no-shows” per semester, students will be blocked from making additional appointments independently.

Interested students should contact, and we can walk you through the process. Note: All tutors are required to take a training class, so if interested, talk to the Director and your advisor.

The Writing Center is Open This Summer!

We’ll be open for online and eTutoring appointments during the MayMester and Summer Session 1 terms (5/15-7/3) and for in-person, online, and eTutoring appointments during Summer Session 2 (7/8-8/8).

All appointments – including in-person and virtual – are made through our online scheduling system. We sometimes provide extra appointments during midterms and finals, so watch this space. If you can’t find a time that works for you, please contact us.

We’re looking to develop writers who are really thoughtful and who see writing as a tool for developing, analyzing, synthesizing, and working out problems. Their writing is better when they realize it’s part of a process that is deeply engaged in thinking. It doesn’t always come easily, but once they have mastered it, writing is a skill that will serve them well for the rest of their lives.”

Maura Brady - Professor
Maura Brady

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