Interested in Learning What College Classes Are Really Like?

Ready to meet new people? Want to make your college application stand out? Have you completed your sophomore or junior year in high school?  Our Summer Scholars program is right for you! 

About the program

Our Summer Scholars Program offers you the chance to take up to two college courses before you graduate from high school. To qualify, you need to have:

    • A minimum high school grade point average of 87.
    • If test scores are available, you should have a PSAT/SAT score of at least 1000 or an ACT score of 22.

Why spend your summer with us?

    • Earn college credit
    • Make your college application stand out
    • Prepare for your next academic year
    • Save Money

But know that while tuition is lowered, the course requirements are not. Your courses will be the same as those offered during the academic year at Le Moyne.

Le Moyne will challenge you, grow you and push you to excellence. Your time on the Heights will be great.

Summer Scholars

enroll in the program for only $200.00 per credit hour!

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