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    The Madden School of Business at Le Moyne College in Syracuse, New YorkWelcome to the
    Madden School of Business

    AACSB Accreditation

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    The Madden School of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the highest standard of achievement for business schools worldwide.

    Dean's Welcome

    We want to personally welcome you to the Madden School of Business at Le Moyne College and to encourage you to spend some time exploring our web-site and learning more about our School. We offer a wide range of opportunities for you to lay a strong foundation in business principles and practices that you can then build upon as you develop your leadership skills.

    We are a community of scholars, educators and leaders bound by a common vision of excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching, research, and experiential learning. We are committed to the highest standards associated with professional business education. While that is compelling, it does not fully address what distinguishes a business education at the Madden School of Business. As a leading business school centered within a Jesuit college, we are deeply committed to the Jesuit ideals of intellectual rigor, cura personalis (care of the whole person), and service to and for others.

    We strive to imbue our students with the ability to understand, discern, and lead as they address the most pressing issues of our times. No matter the business discipline, our graduates are equipped to respond to the needs of a changing world – through their classroom experience, collaborative learning venues with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, and leadership experiences at home and around the world. “Educating the whole person” is both an end in itself and a means to becoming the leaders of the future. Madden School graduates look at the world through a distinct prism, reflect on their opportunities in ways consistent with our Jesuit heritage, and become dynamic forces for the social and organizational change so urgently needed.

    With our outstanding foundation of teaching, scholarship and service, we are poised for extraordinary advances in visibility and impact on the regional, national and global stages. Our hope is that, as a Madden School of Business student, you will measure success by experiences that change your life – that “aha moment” delivered by an inspired professor, a study abroad experience that alters your world view, a series of conversations with your Madden Mentor and an internship that crystallizes a career path.

    I am pleased to tell you that I am a graduate of Le Moyne and proud to lead a team of faculty and staff dedicated to your development and success. All of us in the School look forward to meeting you when you visit our School and campus. I encourage you to contact my office or me directly ( if you have questions or comments. 

    We are committed to helping you to define your own path to success.  

    All the best,
    Jim Joseph
    Madden School of Business

    Welcome to the Madden School


    We are a community of scholars, educators and leaders bound by a common vision of excellence in undergraduate and graduate teaching, research, and experiential learning.


    The Madden School of Business offers a Bachelor of Science degree in business with majors and dual majors in: accounting; business analytics; finance; information systems; management & leadership; and marketing.

    All undergraduate business majors in the school share a common liberal arts core and a common management core. Major requirements beyond the two cores vary from five to eight courses. Students have several opportunities to pursue two concurrent majors within the school. In addition, students can choose to supplement their major in business with a minor in a different field. All students are encouraged to discuss these options with their academic advisors.

    A minor in business administration is offered for students who major in one of the liberal arts or sciences. In addition, the school also offers a master’s in business administration (MBA), a master's in information systems (MSIS), a five-year accounting/MBA program and a 5-year accounting/MSIS program. 

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    Why a Jesuit Business Education?

    For nearly 500 years, Jesuits have developed future leaders through their educational programs.

    As a Jesuit institution, business education at Le Moyne is based on the Ignatian pedagogical paradigm of context-experience-reflection-action: students build their foundational business knowledge, have experiences that put that knowledge into context and, in guided reflection, discuss lessons learned from individual experiences and those of their peers. The goal is to prepare for leadership in a complex, uncertain and challenging world.

    The faculty members of the Madden School of Business are called to action by social, economic and environmental forces that require them to plan thoughtfully and carefully about the future of Jesuit business education and of our students.

    Our commitment to academic rigor and service to and for others prepares students for meaningful and productive careers as managers and professionals, imbuing them with the ability and drive to understand, reflect upon, and act as leaders in providing critical goods and services and addressing the most pressing issues of our times. Our intent is to make "educating the whole person" both an end in itself and a means to becoming valued contributors and leaders.

    About The Madden School of Business

    The Madden School of Business at Le Moyne College strives for excellence through a carefully constructed business core curriculum and selected majors that provide a strong grounding in broad-based fundamental business knowledge and skills to prepare students for meaningful and productive careers as managers and professionals.

    The Members of the Madden School of Business:
    • Are committed to the Jesuit ideal of care and concern for the individual while educating the whole person to appreciate the value of work and service to the community.
    • Welcome students from diverse economic, social and cultural backgrounds, and seek to enhance the academic progress and development of all students.
    • Value intellectual inquiry through contributions to practice and pedagogical scholarship as integral components of our academic environment, and seek to foster a spirit of inquiry through faculty participation in recognized scholarly and community activities.
    • Build on foundations of Jesuit education to develop individuals who have strong analytical skills; who are able to think, write and speak clearly and effectively; who have an understanding of the diverse and dynamic global environment in which we live; and who are well prepared for ethical decision making. 


    The Madden School of Business seeks to develop reflective individuals, with an innovative spirit who fulfill their potential as leaders, both locally and globally, embodying the Jesuit values of integrity, compassion, and service to others. Students are empowered and encouraged to explore and, having found what they are passionate about, to excel in their chosen fields. The members of the faculty challenge and enable students to attain their full potential through experiential involvement, ongoing scholarship, and up-to-date methodology.


    The Madden School of Business will be recognized for its quality business programs, commitment to service, and high standards of integrity and ethics.

    Core Values
    • We recognize service to students as our central commitment.
    • We value faculty teaching, research and community service.
    • We expect high standards of integrity and ethics.
    • We uphold an environment of respect, collegiality, concern and collaboration.
    • We value open and effective communication.
    • We value intellectual inquiry and investigation.
    • We value service to others.

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