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    Our admission team can answer just about any question you may have about Le Moyne and the college selection process. You may have met them in your high school, a college fair or at an event in your area. Don't hesitate to call or email them -- they're a great resource to help you through this exciting time.
    Mary Chandler - Senior Director of Admission
    Hometown: Manlius, N.Y.

    What do you like most about Le Moyne? I love watching students’ transformation over their four years at Le Moyne and being part of community that truly cares about our students and each other.

    Favorite hobbies:
     I love getting lost in a great book! I also enjoy swimming/kayaking/jet skiing at our family cottage in the Adirondacks in the summer and cross-country skiing, snow shoeing and sledding in the winter. In the fall and spring, I love walking through our parks.

    Involvement in college?
     I was involved in the residence hall association, was a resident assistant, interned at a community newspaper that gave me my own column for a summer, and worked in the dining hall. As an MBA graduate student, I took part in a short-term study abroad in Poland as part of my capstone experience.

    Favorite thing about Syracuse:
    The change of seasons. The vibrant colors in the leaves in the fall are breathtaking!

    Le Moyne College, 2003 (grad); SUNY Oswego, 1992 (undergrad); Fayetteville-Manlius High School, 1988
    Hometown: Accra, Ghana

    What do you like about Le Moyne:
    As soon as you set foot on campus, you can feel the true sense of community among the students, faculty and staff.

    Favorite hobbies:
    Listening to music, reading, watching movies, shopping.

    Involvement in college:
    I chose to be active on campus to create some balance in my life. Not only was I contributing to campus life in my own way through performances as part of Lawrence International or starting a new student organization on campus at Clarkson, but I was also developing skill sets that have served me in my post academic life. I had great experiences through both my graduate and undergraduate life that I would have missed out on had I not incorporated non-academic activities into my schedule.

    Favorite thing about Syracuse:
    Destiny USA shopping mall, and Syracuse’s proximity to Canada.

    Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY, MBA and M.S. in Management Systems (HR concentration); Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisc., B.A. in Economics; Ghana International School, Accra, Ghana; Wesley Girls High School, Cape Coast, Ghana.

    Territories Covered:  International Applicants

    Hometown: Liverpool, NY

    What do you like most about Le Moyne? Community is always the first word that comes to mind when explaining my admiration for Le Moyne and a very similar response of others when asked this question. The reason why we have the community that we have at Le Moyne College is very simple ... we are Jesuit! Being part of a tradition that is nearly 500 years old with a reputation for a rigorous standard of education and an emphasis on the "whole person" is something that is extremely special. The Le Moyne College community has embraced the mission and ideology of Jesuit education as we strive for excellence in everything that we do (commonly known as Magis in the Jesuit world) on a daily basis.

    Favorite hobbies: Spending time with the family and friends is something that is very important to me and this typically involves gathering around a large meal. My sister (and her family) are my next door neighbors, so I am usually trying to keep up with my niece and nephews. I also enjoy visiting new and different restaurants in the area and the occasional Italian bakery (or two). I am very much a homebody and enjoy a good book/movie or watching/attending several sporting events (especially anything Syracuse, the Yankees or the NY Giants) with family and friends. I am also in the process of improving my cooking skills as I learn from the best cook around​ - ​
    my mother!

    Involvement in college: Outside of my responsibilities in the classroom, I was able to get involved in several different activities taking place on campus and throughout the local community. I was a member of Student Government as one of our class officers, played intercollegiate athletics along with several intramural sports and was a member of a Service Scholarship program that provided ample amount of opportunities to participate in community service programs. All of these experiences greatly contributed to the foundation of my college experience along with the development of great friendships with my classmates.

    Favorite thing about Syracuse:
    Syracuse is a smaller city, but one that stills offers many of the amenities that a larger metropolitan area can offer. It is centrally located, which makes trips to cities like Boston, New York City and Philadelphia (to name a few) only a few hours worth of a car ride away. Most importantly - it's home! I was born and raised in the area with the vast majority of my family located in and around the Syracuse area. A home cooked meal is always right around the corner!

    Education: Le Moyne College - M.S. Education; St. John Fisher College - B.S. in Management/Finance; Liverpool High School

    Territories Covered: Onondaga County
    Hometown: Pulaski, N.Y.

    What do you like most about Le Moyne? From the moment I first stepped on campus as a freshman, I knew that Le Moyne was a special place. Coming from a small school in a rural area, I thought adjusting to a college in the city would be challenging. At Le Moyne, I found that the faculty and staff are dedicated to and truly care about the students, I created lasting friendships with peers and roommates, and the welcoming and warm nature of the Le Moyne community made it feel like home.

    Favorite hobbies:
    Spending time with family, cooking, reading, kayaking, playing volleyball.

    Involvement in college?
    I was a member of the psychology club and psi chi (psychology national honor society); both were great opportunities to spend time with my peers and professors in settings beyond the classroom. I was also involved in the B.A.S.I.C. group and intramural volleyball on campus, allowing me to meet and interact with people who shared similar interests and passions. I also had the opportunity of working on campus at the Dolphin Den where I got to know and interact with faculty, staff, and students of the Le Moyne community.

    Favorite thing about Syracuse:
    I love the centrality of the city of Syracuse. No matter your interests or favorite pastimes, Syracuse has something to offer for everyone to enjoy.

    State University of New York at Oswego, Master of Science Counseling Services, 2011; Le Moyne College, B.A. in Arts Psychology,2007; Pulaski Junior-Senior High School, 2004

    Territories Covered: Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Hamilton, Herkimer, Jefferson, Lewis, Montgomery, Oneida, Oswego, St. Lawrence, Warren, Washington

    Hometown: Syracuse, N.Y.

    What do you like most about Le Moyne? It is home away from home. As a student, Le Moyne was far enough away from home to be independent, but close enough to still go home for a Sunday night dinner, laundry or a family gathering. As an employee, I enjoy supporting students as they develop a sense of self.

    Favorite hobbies: Running, photography, getting lost in a good book, traveling and exploring the Adirondacks and New England area.

    Involvement in college? During my time at Le Moyne I was on the Le Moyne Student Programming Board (LSPB), worked in the Registrar’s Office, Orientation Leader, and was on the Women’s Rugby team.

    Favorite thing about Syracuse: I love watching the leaves turn colors during Fall and experiencing the change of seasons. One of my favorite spots to run is Green Lakes State Park; the lake is a beautiful color green and it’s a nice getaway that is still close to home.

    Education: Syracuse University, 2015 (M.S. in Student Affairs Counseling), Syracuse, N.Y.
    Le Moyne College, 2008 (B.A. in Sociology); West Genesee High School, 2004

    Territories Covered: Albany, Schenectady, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Warren and Washington
    Hometown: Cortland, N.Y.

    What do you like most about Le Moyne? Le Moyne has an incredibly unique sense of community. It is something that I felt immediately upon setting foot on campus as a future 'Phin, even before I became a student here. Full disclosure: Le Moyne was the only college I applied to! I simply knew that Le Moyne was a very distinctive place, and one where I would have a home. We are an incredibly tight-knit campus, and people here truly care about one another. Le Moyne is a relatively small school, which means that the people here - from students, to professors, to staff members - are aware of what is going on around campus, and actually care. You also have the opportunity to get to know absolutely everybody and certainly feel as though you do, but despite that fact, you meet new people all the time! But again, I can't say enough that the LMC community truly cares about each other; Le Moyne has a habit of taking care of their own, which I don't think is easy to find in a college environment, or anywhere, really.

    Favorite hobbies: I'm the kind of person that will spend hours upon hours just reading, put my book down, turn my light off, and then turn it back on 20 minutes later and finish the book! Reading and writing are my true passion, which I channeled into my education here at Le Moyne as an English major. I've been an avid equestrian since I was four years old, which my parents believed would be just a phase - not so much, much to their chagrin! I'm a huge runner as well, and love trying new workouts to help keep my mind and body firing at full capacity. I also love spending summer days at my family's lake house, whether I'm working like a dog around the camp, driving the boat or skiing behind it, or sleeping on the dock with my golden retrievers, Banks and Maddux!

    Involvement in college? First and probably foremost, I was a member of our Women's soccer team, where I made my best friends. I was also a part of our English club, I played a plethora of intramural sports, and I lived on campus all four of my years as a student here, which allowed me to take advantage of everything Le Moyne has to offer. 

    Favorite thing about Syracuse: If I had to pick one (and I know that this is cheating!) it'd have to be the duality of the city! Syracuse is a fantastic small city that is a surprising cultural hub, from Armory Square, to the Landmark Theatre and several other local theaters, to Marshall St. on SU's campus. You hardly need to throw a stone to find a great Mom and Pop restaurant to eat at, a local coffee shop to study at, or a place to entertain yourself that is unique and off the beaten path. Then, just outside the city there are outdoorsy things to do: hiking at Green Lakes, skiing at Greek Peak, Song Mountain, or Labrador Mountain, or running along the canal, among other things. There are just so many gems to be found in Syracuse (including Le Moyne!). 

    Education: Le Moyne College, B.A. in English Literature, minors in Spanish and Biology; Cortland Jr-Sr High School. 

    Territories Covered:
     Pennsylvania, Broome, Cayuga, Chemung, Chenango, Cortland, Delaware, Madison, Otsego, Schuyler, Tioga, Tompkins, Fabius-Pompey HS, LaFayette HS, Tully HS
    Hometown: Harlem, NY

    What do you like about Le Moyne? As an alum of Le Moyne, I love the community that exists here. Not a day goes by where I do not run into faculty, staff, and/or students that I have created meaningful, positive relationships with! 

    Favorite hobbies:
    Traveling, listening to music, learning to play the violin, moderating the Le Moyne Dolphin Steppers.

    Involvement in college:
    During my time at Le Moyne I was involved in the programming board (LSPB), was a RA, worked in the Dolphin Den and C-Store, worked in various departments on campus (Campus Life and Leadership, Career Advising and Development), and was on the step team.

    Favorite thing about Syracuse: Coming from NYC, I love that Syracuse gives me the opportunity to have the best of both worlds. I can have peace and quiet if I need to wind down or if I am craving commotion and noise I can find that too!

    Education: Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY (B.A., Criminology), Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY (MsEd., Higher Education), Frederick Douglass Academy, Harlem, NY (high school)

    Territories Covered: Putnam, Rockland, Westchester, Syracuse Academy of Science, Corcoran HS, Fowler HS, Henninger HS, Syracuse Institute of Technology, Nottingham HS
    Hometown: Born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Ocala, Fla.

    What do you like most about Le Moyne? There are two facets of Le Moyne that I like the most and are also the most important reasons why I chose to work for the College. The first is the Jesuits. Before my senior year of high school I didn't know what a Jesuit was, and I had attended Catholic school my whole  life! On the campus tour of my future alma mater I was introduced to my first Jesuit priest with whom I became best friends in college, and ever since I've devoted my life to surrounding myself with positive and influential Jesuit figures and championing for a Jesuit education, and Ignatian spirituality for all. I've wanted nothing more than to work for a Jesuit college after graduating from one, and now that mission has become completely justified.

    The second facet of Le Moyne I love and reason for being here is the family environment. I was introduced to Le Moyne by a mentor of mine from my youth who graduated from here in one of the first classes, and the college's superior reputation was reinforced from a former professional peer of mine in higher education who used to work here. Once I started the hiring and interviewing process, I immediately sensed the feeling that I was in the company of people who genuinely cared about me like I was already a part of their family. I compare my hiring process to the admission process of every interested student; you are cared for like you are already part of the team, and there is nothing that Dolphins do better or more meaningfully than make you feel like you are important, wanted, and that you belong.

    Favorite hobbies:
    Going to the movies, listening to my favorite oldies music on the radio, running, playing with my cat Mittens, spending time with my friends and family, going to the beach, thrift shopping, eating out, going to art/cultural/music festivals, and exploring new cities and towns, especially here in my new home of New York!

    Involvement in
    college? There are three important outlets of involvement that have shaped me into whom I have become today: the Student Government Association, because of my love of politics; Campus Ministry, because of my degree and my affinity for the Jesuit mission and identity; Admissions Student Ambassadorship, because of my career and my passion for higher education.

    Favorite thing about Syracuse:
    The snow! Look, I grew up in the south for most of my life, and people asked if I was crazy for moving to arguably one of the snowiest cities on the planet, but I love it and I'm going to live it up and enjoy it fully and whole-heartedly! To all of you prospective students out there who don't think you can handle all of the snow, do not be afraid, trust me, if this guy from the south can handle it, so can you!

    Territories Covered:
     Connecticut, Nassau, Suffolk
    (646) 618-3785

    Hometown: Hampton Bays, NY

    What do you like most about Le Moyne? My favorite thing about Le Moyne would have to be the people. As an alumna, Le Moyne has brought many blessings to my life beside my Jesuit education, many of which are the life-long friends I have made and continue to make as a representative of the College.

    Favorite hobbies: Besides traveling and discovering new places, I really love all kinds of sporting events, from watching my kids play lacrosse and field hockey with their high school teams to cheering on the NY Jets and the Yankees any chance I can get. This year, a big highlight for our family was watching Le Moyne’s men’s lacrosse team win the 2016 Division II Lacrosse Championships in Philadelphia. When it’s time to relax, the beach is one of my favorite places to be.

    Involvement in college: Club lacrosse, a contributor to The Dolphin newspaper, and a countless number of on-campus events.

    Education: Le Moyne College, B.A.; Loyola University Chicago, M.B.A.; Mercy High School, Riverhead, NY

    Current location: Ashland, Mass.

    Hometown: Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

    What do you like most about Le Moyne? During my first campus visit, I noticed that everyone smiled and greeted one another. This genuine happiness continued throughout my time at Le Moyne, and is due to the true sense of connection, friendship and importance among the students, faculty and staff.

    Favorite hobbies:I have been actively involved in several organizations in my town and like giving back to my community. I also enjoy various seasonal activities (kayaking, going to the beach, playing tennis, skiing, ice skating), as well as reading and spending lots of time with my children. When not driving them around town to various activities, my family can be found in the backyard with our five chickens!

    Involvement in college? My primary extracurricular activity was playing on the lacrosse team. When I joined, it was the beginning of the intercollegiate program and I’ve really enjoyed watching the program’s tremendous growth and success! I truly believe that getting involved in college life (in any activity you are passionate about) is the best way to enhance your college experience.

    Favorite thing about Syracuse?Syracuse is a great college town – it is big enough to offer anything you need (an airport, shopping, dining, businesses, etc.) but small enough that people are friendly, it is affordable (which is helpful for students!) and easily accessible.

    Education: Le Moyne College B.S. Industrial Relations & Human Resources Management, Lakeland High School, Shrub Oak, N.Y.

    Territories Covered: Massachusetts

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