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Whether you’re coming from a community college or another four-year institution, Le Moyne is ready to welcome you to the Heights. We strive to provide maximum value for previously earned credits, and through our admissions and orientation processes, you’ll know exactly what’s needed to complete your degree as a dolphin!

Transferring to the Heights

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Our Transfer Admission Criteria

Le Moyne will consider the strength of your college academic program(s), your grades earned and the applicability of coursework to a Le Moyne degree. If you’re coming from a regionally accredited institution or from academic programs similar to your intended major at Le Moyne, the following guidelines usually apply. 1. You must have earned at least a 2.6 cumulative G.P.A. 2. Your proficiency in English, math and your intended area of study must be demonstrated in the academic record. 3. You must have successfully completed at least the third year of high school college-preparatory math or intermediate algebra at the college level.

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The Transfer Application

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. However, you’re encouraged to apply as early as possible to receive the fullest possible consideration.

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“I’ve only been here for about two-and-half years, and I’ve been able to do so much more that I thought I would be able to do thanks to the environment and the support that I’ve had.” – Madison Kenyon ‘23
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Transfer Admission Deadlines

The deadline to apply to transfer for the fall semester is August 1; for the spring it’s December 1. Completed transfer applications are always considered on a rolling basis, so it’s always in your favor to apply before these dates.

Transfer Students on the Heights

19% Of Le Moyne College’s community are transfer students.

$3,000 Amount all full-time transfer students at Le Moyne automatically receive through our Promise Program scholarship – and the amount of Phi Theta Kappa scholarships, too!

Approximately 150 Number of new transfers every fall

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Transfer Student FAQs

Launch Le Moyne College’s Transfer Course Evaluation System!

Note: Le Moyne’s Transfer Course Evaluation System (TES) is subject to frequent revision. Additional courses will be added to the list on a regular basis. Final determination of transfer credit equivalency is made by the College’s Registrar Office after a transfer applicant is admitted to the College. You’ll be required to submit official transcripts of all completed coursework before a final determination can be made on transfer credit eligibility.  Please refer to our transfer credit policy below.

Due to the disruption caused by COVID-19 to higher education, any otherwise transferable coursework completed during the Spring 2020 and/or Summer 2020 terms with a grade of Pass/Satisfactory (P/S) will be accepted for transfer credit. For majors requiring a specific grade equivalent for progression in the program, proof that a P/S grade meets the minimum requirement may be requested.

Le Moyne College grants academic credit for some subject examinations of CLEP to students who are already enrolled in the College and to applicants for admission provided that:

  1. You attain a score in at least the 50th percentile on the multiple-choice test
  2. That the optional essay for American Literature, Analysis and Interpretation of Literature, College Composition, English Literature, and freshman English be completed. The Chair of the English department must approve the essay section of the examination in order to receive credit. Credit for WRT or ENG courses must be earned before students matriculate at Le Moyne.
  3. Please contact the Registrar’s Office to see if your subject test is accepted.

Please note: Le Moyne College does not administer CLEP examinations.

Please visit our Transfer Course Evaluation System (TES) for CLEP equivalencies.

Le Moyne College supports the Advanced Placement programs of the College Entrance Examination Board and acknowledges the accomplishments of those students who, through high scores on Advanced Placement (AP) examinations, have demonstrated special academic achievement in high school. At the same time, the College recognizes that only students who are judged to be adequately prepared should be admitted to courses and programs. The College will therefore award college-level credit based on the College’s AP Credit Policy (see below) if a specific score is met.

As a liberal arts college in the Jesuit education tradition, Le Moyne affirms the importance of well-developed skills in writing and speaking. Consequently, even students with AP credits in English may still be required to take WRT 101 (Critical Writing).

Le Moyne College’s Registrar’s Office must receive official AP Score Reports from the College Board in order for them to be reviewed for credit. If you have any questions regarding the submission or equivalency of AP exams scores, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Please visit our Transfer Course Evaluation System (TES) for AP equivalencies.

Matriculated students seeking credit for IB courses completed during high school must have official score reports sent to Le Moyne College. IB credits are reviewed on an individual basis and determined by the score received on the exam as well as the diploma earned.

Click here to download the IB Credit Equivalencies (effective July 2021)

Any international transfer credit must be evaluated by a NACES accredited evaluation organization. Please visit the NACES website here:

Le Moyne College values eligible credits earned under the American Council on Education (ACE) by our students and will award up to three undergraduate-level free elective credits for passing ACE coursework. To request your ACE transcript, click here.


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